Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Dr.Ahmed Ali can perhaps scale Mount Everest  to gain knowledge in surgery, and will come back to serve the poor and needy. That is the thirst he has, and the skill gained by his extra ordinary,photographic memory power.

After obtaining the highest degree in surgery such as M.Ch, he was awarded the prestigious
Doctor of Science D.Sc.in surgery.  The Padma Shree Awardees, listed on January 31, 2011, Dr.Ahmed
Ali, won the  nation's prestigious award.

A dedicated, and most devoted to his profession, he declined an opportunity, assigned in New York soon after post graduation  in gastroenterology and proctology. Surgery is an art to him same as a gifted and a born artist plays with his brush and colors. There is no exaggeration that if it is said that his tournament is surgery.

He visits every month to his native town to impart free service,in addition he gives nutrient suppliments
and other vitamins and other additives to less fortunates. He does this as a token of gratitude to the school he studied and for the  people who mutually loved.

Born in Ambur in 1940, graduated from Madras Medical College, and after retiring from service, he is concentrating his profession in Mehtha Nursing Home,Chetpet in Chennai.

His only son Dr.Mansoor is a surgical specialist in liver,pancreas,and bile duct (Hepato Pancreato Bilary Specialist) working in Kings Hospital,London UK. Dr.Mansoor is as good as his father, and was the student of Dr.Rela, the world renowned liver specialist.

Ambur, a town in Vellore District in Tamil Nadu is famous for leather industry, as well the elite of the society Ambur Muslim Educational Society, and it is fully devoted in concentrating women's education
and the students performance is par excellent.

Mr.Mecca Rafeeque Ahmed, a renowned leather industrialist, from Ambur also awarded Padma Shree for his industrial achievements.

Dr.Ali was felicitated with standing ovation by different groups elites, but he stood humble and modest.

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