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Assembly Elections 2011 Muslim League Candidates

Assembly Elections 2011 Muslim League Candidates
P.K.Kunhalikutty (Constituency: Vengara)

Putting an end to the rumours, IUML Kerala State General secretary P. K. Kunhalikutty has entered into election battle. Certain elements were spreading rumours that Kunhalikutty is scared and he will not contest the elections after a sting operation against him. Seasoned politician as he is, Kunhalikutty by his tactical brilliance torpedoed the ploy orchestrated by LDF Government and some of his personal enemies. He also exposed all of them. C.P.M and its Chief Minister has been resorting cheep tactics as the election dates are getting closer. They thought Kunhalikutty would run away. Proving that he is not a man to be scared he enters election battle, with strong confidence in the voters.Dynamic and courageous Muslim League leader P.K. Kunhalikutty was born on January 6, 1951 at Malappuram to Mohammed Haji and K.P. Pathummakutty. A graduate in Commerce, he is also a diploma holder in Business Management.
A born leader of masses, Kunhalikutty Entered politics through MSF, Students wing of IUML, and later became its State Treasurer. As most of IUML leaders he is also a grass root leader who contested municipal election and served as the Chairman of Malappuram Municipality. Recognizing his leadership quality and capacity IUML leaders decided to use his services at the state level. Kunhalikutty was elected to Kerala Legislative Assembly five times, in 1982 and 1987, contesting from Malappuram constituency, and in 1991, 1996 and 2001, from Kuttippuram constituency. As an able administrator he served as Minister for Industries and Social Welfare from 1991 to 1995 in the Karunakaran Ministry, Minister for Industries and Municipalities from 1995 to 1996, and Minister for Industries, IT and Social Welfare from 2001 to 2004, in the A.K. Antony Ministry and Minister for Industries, IT & Social Welfare, from 2004 to 2005 in the Oommen Chandy Ministry.Popularly known as Kunhappa he is the General Secretary of Kerala State Muslim League and has been the leader of the Muslim League Legislature party since 1991 till the last state assembly.
A pro-poor leader Kunhalikutty is always very close to common man. He is the crowd puller for Muslim League and UDF. His presence creates waves of enthusiasm. Political rivals always tried to create hurdles for him by creating controversies and conspiracies, but he was unshakable and unbeatable in his mission to serve the people. After every controversy which he would overcome, his popularity increased and he became more acceptable to the public.

M.P. Abdussamad Samadani (Constituency: Kottakkal)

Distinguished Orator, Writer and Scholar M. P. Abdussamad Samadani, born to Maulana Abdul Hameed Haidari and Zainab in Kottakkal Kuttippuram on 1st January 1959, is the National secretary of IUML. Highly Educated Samadani, M.A., MPhil, LL.B, was known all over Kerala by his scholarly speeches when he was a student. He was two-time Rajya Sabha Member from 1994 to 2000 and from 2000 to 2006. As an M. P. he was very much active in the parliamentary debates, and his speeches in Rajya Sabha quoting Urdu couplets was always heard with applauds by all sides of the house as it was new experience for them from a Kerala M.P. He is one of the most respected orators of Kerala by all sections of the society. An erudite scholar in many languages and religion, his poetical speeches quoting Holy Quran, Hadith, Urdu couplets of Allama Mohammed Iqbal and Sanskrit slokas from Vedas and other Scriptures is an unforgettable experience for the listeners. People from long distances flows to listen his speeches. Lakhs of people reach at Calicut sea-shore to hear his annual speeches. He also penned many books.

Dr. M.K. Muneer (Constituency: Kozhikode South)

M.K. Muneer, medical practitioner turned political leader, was born on 26th August, 1962 as the son of Muslim League leader and former Chief Minister of Kerala, C. H. Mohammed Koya and Amina Mohammed Koya. He started his political carrier as a youth leader of Muslim League. Apart from being a medical doctor Muneer has a multi-faceted personality; he is a singer, actor, painter, cartoonist and a very popular youth leader all at the same time. He also received C. Achutha Menon Award for his book on Fascism and Sangh Parivar - “Fascisavum Sangha Parivarum”. He was selected as Best Singer, Best Painter, Best Actor and Best Cartoonist in the Inter Medicos Competition. He is well respected in the literary and cultural masses of Kerala.He started political activity while a student and had served as the President of Calicut City MSF. Subsequently, he got elected to Kozhikode Corporation as a Councillor.
He was Kerala State Muslim Youth League President, and the Youth March under his leadership from Kasaragod to Thiruvananthapuram was an historic event in the political history of Kerala. Dr. Muneer MBBS became an MLA to 9th Kerala Legislative assembly from Calicut –II constituency. He got elected to the 10th and 11th KLA as well, from the Malappuram constituency.He also served as Minister for Public Works during the previous UDF Government.

V.K. Ebrahim Kunju (Constituency: Kalamassery)

Popular Leader, able administrator and former Industries Minister of Kerala V. K. Ebrahim Kunju is closely associated with the common people to solve their grievances. Due to his benevolent attitude to the poor, he is always liked by the people irrespective of their caste, and religion. Born to V. U. Khader and Chithumma in Kongorpilly on 20th May 1952, Ebrahim Kunju entered politics through MSF and Youth League. He is also a Trade Union Leader. He Was State Vice president of STU, the labour wing of Muslim League. Two time MLA from 2001, he was Minister for Industries and Social Welfare from 6th January 2005 to May 2006. He was editor of Eeyugam daily published from Aluva. Now he is the President of Ernakulam District Muslim League committee and Member of State Working Committee of the Party.Wife: Nadeera, Children: 3 Sons

T.A. Ahmed Kabeer (Constituency: Mankada)

He stood fast with the Organization and its ideals as the mobilizing force and motivating spirit. An orator beyond compare T. A. Ahmed Kabeer, born to K. K. Ahmed and Fathima on 3rd November 1955, is a person of integrity with unique leadership qualities. The Leadership camps of Muslim Youth League at Charalkunnu and Neyyar that wove colourful strands to mould the character, dreams and aspirations of the youth; the mammoth campaigns that proclaimed solidarity and support to the heroic Afghan resistance and the chivalrous Palestinian Intifada against Israeli occupation; the year-long intensive drive for revival of literacy which proclaimed the pivotal role youth can play are the testimonies of his leadership skills when he was a leader of Muslim youth League.Ahmed Kabeer, former State General Secretary of Muslim Youth League, is a well known politician allover Kerala and he attracts people by his intellectual speeches and
writings. He was the Editor of Sargadhara Magazine and Resident Editor of Chandrika daily (Cochin) He entered in to politics through MSF and he was General Secretary of Ernakulam District M.S.F. in 1972. He was a member in the first State Council of Muslim Youth League. In 1975 he was Ernakulam District President and State Treasurer of Muslim Youth League. He was District Muslim League General secretary before he became District President of the Party. Now he is the State Secretary of the Party. He is also a National Executive Member of IUML.

P.K. Abdu Rabb (Constituency: Tirurangadi)

A Responsible and matured leader Abdu Rabb entered politics following the path of his father. Born to Muslim League Leader and former Chief Minister of Kerala Late K. Avukader Kutty Naha and Kunhibiriyam Umma at Parappanangadi on 15th May 1958, Abdu Rabb is a Post Graduate in English Literature. Three time M.L.A., elected to the Assembly in 1996, 2001 and 2006, Abdu Rabb is an able legislator and a well known social worker. He was President, parappanangadi Grama Panchayath for 12 years. Now he is a sitting M.L.A representing Manjeri constituency. He is also President of many prestigious Educational institutions.Wife: K. Nazeem, Children: 4 sons

U.C. Raman (Constituency: Kunnamangalam)

Muslim League Kerala State committee decided to field the popular MLA U.C. Raman from a general seat. Raman who is also the State President of Dalit League was representing Kunnamangalam Reserved (S.C.) constituency for two consecutive terms since 2001. Despite the fact that the reserved constituency became general constituency after the delimitation with changes in the boundaries, IUML has decided to field Raman from Kunnamangalam. Though it was the tradition of the party to field a Dalit candidate in a reserved constituency, this is the first time party is fielding a Dalit candidate from a general seat.U.C. Raman, born to Imbichikandan and Uppayi on 31st may 1965 in Padanilam, is a grass root leader. Before entering in to Kerala Legislative Assembly he was an elected member of Kunnamangalam Grama Panchayath and served as its Vice President. He also served the people as a member of Block Development council.
Wife: Padmini. Children: one daughter and son.

Abdurahman Randathani (Constituency: Tanur)

A Powerful orator and well known politician Abdurahiman Randathani emerged as a leader by his dedicated and sincere service to the Muslim league and the public. As a sitting M.L.A. representing Tanur Constituency his performance in the assembly has been like an experienced legislator. His presence and performance in the 12th Kerala legislative Assembly was much useful to the party and common people as some important leaders of the party could not win the last assembly election. Rising to the occasion Abdurahiman Randathani tried his best to fill the gap and performed well. Born to Vakkel Mohammed Hajee and Palamadathil Biriyumma Hajjumma in Cherussola on 15th March 1961 Abdurahiman entered politics through Muslim youth League. He was State Vice-President and Treasurer of Muslim youth League. Prior to his return to Kerala he was in Abudhabi and he was the secretary of Abudhabi KMCC. He returned from Abudhabi to Kerala and dedicated his time and energy for the Party.
Due to his unblemished record and his dedication towards the party and society, he was elected to the District Panchayat and became Vice President and Chairman of Malappuram District Panchayat Standing Committee. He is a recipient of laurel of the State Government for the best conduct of Akshaya Project.Wife: Thaikkadan Rahmath Habeeba, Children: 3 Sons

K. Muhammadunni Haji (Constituency: Kondotty)

Sitting MLA representing Kondotty constituency is most popular MLA. Born to K. Hassan and Pathu in Velluvambram on 1st July 1943, popularly known as Mammunni Haji is a grass root political leader. He was Panchayath President for 13 years in Pookkottoor Panchayath. Also served as District Council Member. He is also President of Vellumbram Mahallu. Wife Ayisha Kutty, children: 4.

M. Ummer Advocate (Constituency: Manjeri)

A Matured politician who proved his leadership skills when he was the President of Malappuram District Panchayat. Despite the limitations of stringent financial problems of the District Panchayat, he mobilised the people to participate in the development, including the renovation of District Hospital. With people’s support, the development works initiated by him in the District Panchayat was a new experience for the people.His performance in the Kerala Assembly as a legislator has been notable. Born to M. Moideen Hajee and Ayisha at Karuvarakundu on 1st July 1953, M. Ummer, BA,LL.B is an Advocate by profession. He was President of Karuvarakundu Grama Panchayat. Now, Treasurer, Malappuram District Muslim league committee and State working committee member of the Party. He is a Sitting MLA from Malappuram Constituency.
Wife: Sahira, Children: 3 Daughters.

K.N.A. Khader Advocate (Constituency: Vallikunnu)

A Former trained Communist Leader who joined Muslim League in 1987, K.N.A. Khader is a well known orator in Kerala. His Speeches filled with wit and humor attracts many people to his public meetings. Born to Alavi Musliyar and Ayisha Elachola in Vadakkemanna on 1st January1950, K. N. A. Khader BA, LL.B is an advocate by profession. He entered politics in 1970 through communist students’ movement. He was CPI’s Malappuram District Secretary for 8 years, and Member of its State Committee for 17 years. After joining Muslim League he became a strong campaigner of the party and also actively participated in trade union activities. He was the State President of S. T. U., the labour wing of Muslim League. He was Member in Kerala Waqf Board, Kerala Khadi -Village Industries Board. He also served as the District president of Kerala State Library Council. He was MLA (2001-06) from Kondotty constituency representing Muslim League.

P.K. Basheer (Constituency: Ernad)

P. K. Basheer, is a Promising politician who always stood with the common people. A Hero for Muslim League workers, he was at the forefront to fight it out the conspiracy of LDF Government to book innocent Muslim League workers misusing an unfortunate incident happened in Malappuram District. Ignoring the consequences, Basheer stood with them and dared the authorities to take action against innocent Party workers and warned them to prepare for the consequences. When P. K. Basheer is at the forefront, Party workers never afraid of anything. Born on 25th August 1959 at Edavanna as the son of Muslim League leader and former Chief whip of the Party in Kerala Legislative Assembly to Late P. Seethi Hajee and Pathummakutty Hajjumma. P K. Basheer was Elected as school Leader when he was a student in Edavanna U.P. School. Entering politics through MSF, student wing of Muslim League he was elected as the President of Edavanna Service Bank when he was only 23.
In 1988 he was elected to the Edavanna Panchayat and became its President. In 1995 he fought the Panchayat election from a rival stronghold ward and won the election surprising everybody. He won District Panchayat Election in the year 2001 from Kuzhimanna Division by thumbing majority. Basheer, who is the President of Manjeri PCC Marketing Society, is also associating with many Prestigious Educational institutions and he is the General Secretary of Ernad Muslim Educational Association. He is the President of Ernad Constituency Muslim League Committee. P. K. Basheer is also State working Committee Member of the Party.

C. Moyinkutty (Constituency: Thiruvambadi)

An eloquent and skilled public speaker C. Moyinkutty is a leader in every aspect. Born to P. C. Ahamedkutty Hajee of Thamarasseri and Kunji Ummacha Umma on 23rd August 1943, he entered politics through IUML’s frontal organization M.S.F. He was arrested and jailed for his participation in the “Vimochana Samaram” –Liberation Struggle against first communist Government in Kerala- when he was only 14 year old student in Kunnamangalam Government High School. An unwavering and brave leader who never compromised his principles, C. Moyinkutty with his unquestionable integrity has become popular from a very young age. Considering his impartial credence, people from all shades of life approach him to mediate and settle their disputes including family disputes and property disputes. His decision is always acceptable to all. He was President of Kozhikode Taluk Muslim Youth League and Taluk Secretary of Muslim League.
Moyinkutty was an elected member in Thamarassery Panchayat and was the President of the Panchayat for three terms. He was also elected to Kozhikode District Council from Narikkuni Division. He was the State President of Muslim Youth League, a frontal organization of then AIML, a split away group which later merged with the IUML. After the merger he became State General Secretary of the Muslim Youth League. Moyinkutty was elected twice to Kerala Legislative Assembly from Koduvally (1996 -2001) and Thiruvambadi (2001 -2006). As an experienced and proven legislator his performance in the Legislative assembly was outstanding.Wife: Khadeeja Moyinkutty. Children: 1 Son and 2 Daughters.

P. Ubaidulla (Constituency: Malappuram)

P. Ubaidulla, Very simple, approachable and acceptable to all sections of the society, is a dedicated leader. His candidature is a recognition for his sincerity and hard work. Born to Late Poolakkanni Ahammed Kutty Master and Kalayath Sainaba at Anakkayam on 31st January 1960 Ubaidulla entered in to politics through IUML’s frontal organization MSF. He was Anakkayam Unit secretary. He also held many positions in MSF. He was Secretary of Ernad Taluk MSF. An able organizer Ubaidulla became popular among youths and became known youth leader in Malappuram District. He was General Secretary of District Muslim Youth League. From 1991to 1995 he was an elected member of Malappuram District Council representing Malappuram Division. In 1995 he was elected to District Panchayat from Kottakkal Division and in 2000 election from Kuruva Division. Now he is the President of Malappuram Constituency Muslim League and State Working Committee Member of the Party.
An Employee of Malappuram District Co-operative Bank Ubaidulla is also a recognized trade union leader. State President, Co-operative Employees Organization, District President, Government Seed Farm workers Union, President, District Co-operative Hospital Employees Union are some of the important positions he is holding at trade union level.

K.M. Shaji (Constituency: Azhikode)

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Manjalamkuzhi Ali (Constituency: Perinthalmanna)

Manjalamkuzhi Ali, who joined Muslim League recently was an independent MLA backed by the CPI (M) in Kerala Assembly from Mankada Constituency. Twice he represented Mankada in the State Assembly. He resigned his M.L.A.ship and joined Muslim League with his followers. His decision to severe the ties with left front was taken due to the insults from the C.P.M. and its leaders. Born to Manjalamkuzhi Mohammed alias Manu and Perincheeri Kunhaysha on 1st January 1952 at Panangangara, Ali is basically a businessman who had been in the film industry for quite some time. Though he was an office assistant in the year 1971, he started business in Saudi Arabia in 1980. In the film field, his first film ‘Dwani’ was released in 1988 under the banner of MAK Production. His Company produced 25 films which includes hit films like ‘The King’, ‘Oru Abibhashakante Case Diary’ etc. Ali served Kerala State Film development Corporation as a director from 1996 to 2001 and he was chairman of Mahakavi Moyinkutty Vaidyar smaraka Samithi from 1997-2001. He was also a director of Kairali TV run by CPM. Using Ali’s influence and popularity among the people, C.P.M. was trying to defeat Muslim League. But his resignation from the Assembly to join Muslim League, and Muslim League’s decision to field him as a candidate against L.D.F. is a big blow to C.P.M.Wife: A.P.M. Raziya, D/o Muslim League leader and Ex.MLA Late C. P. Kunjalikutty Keyi. Children: Amjad Ali, Dr. Aysha Mishal, Ameena Shahzad, Mohammed Arif.

N.A. Nellikkunnu (Constituency: Kasaragod)

N. A. Nellikkunnu was Kasargod District General Secretary and State Treasurer of I.N.L. till it merged with Muslim League recently. He entered politics through M. S. F. Before the formation of I.N.L. He was the General Secretary of Kasargod Government College Unit M.S.F., Kasargod Municipal Muslim League General Secretary and state council member.He was the Correspondent of Chandrika Daily News Paper, mouthpiece of Muslim League, at his own native place Nellikkunnu. During his stay in U.A.E. he worked for chandrika, and he was an office bearer of U.A.E. Chandrika Readers Forum.
Wife: Aysha. Children: Shabeer, Saheeka, Safana.

C. Mammutty (Constituency: Tirur)

A Dynamic leader with vision, courage and innovative ideas, C. Mammutty is a pious politician with outstanding qualities. Born to Chakkara Ibrahim Haji of Kellur and Fathima on 10th February 1960, C. Mammutty entered politics through M.S.F., the students’ wing of Muslim League. He was General Secretary of Kellur unit M.S.F. in 1971. Mammutty held many positions in M.S.F. at Taluk and District levels and became its State President in 1985. As a popular student leader he was elected as Union Councilor in 1980 from Farook College to the Calicut University and became General Secretary of the University Union. He also served as the General Secretary of State M.S.F. A Graduate from Farook college, Mammutty completed his M. A. course from M.E. S. College, Ponnani and LLB course from Thiruvananthapuram Law academy. In 1988, he became the State General Secretary of Muslim Youth League and it was during this period the historic “Yuvajana Yathra” led by Muslim Youth League State President Dr. M. K. Muneer was conducted.
Yuvajana Yathra, a walking march from Kasargod to Thiruvananthapuram covering all districts of Kerala was a historic event with the massive participation of youths, and Mammutty’s organizing skills was evident in the success of the Yathra. He was elected to Kerala Legislative Assembly from Koduvally Constituency (2001-2006). Now he is the General Secretary of Wayanad District Muslim League committee.Wife: Laila. Children: Fathima Nawar, Aysha Jinan, Haleema Ilha, Afreen Maryam.

N. Shamsuddin Advocate (Constituency: Mannarkkad)

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V.M. Ummer Master (Constituency: Koduvally)

He was the Muslim League candidate in Thiruvambadi bye- election held in December 2006. It was an unsuccessful contest, but he performed well in the by-poll. The bye election was necessitated due to the death of CPM MLA Mathai Chacko who won the seat in the last General Elections by a margin of 5479 votes. In the bye-election, CPM won the seat, but their margin was a mere 246 votes! Despite CPM and their Government misused all machineries to influence the people, Ummer Master gave them a tough fight and reduced their margin significantly. Born to Chekku Haji and Ayisha Hajjumma in Thachampoyil on 23rd November 1956, Ummer Master entered politics through M.S.F. He was the President of Kozhikode District Muslim Youth league. Now he is Muslim League state Committee Member and President of Koduvally Constituency Muslim League CommitteeWife: Ayisha. Children: Shabna, Shareena, Shameena, Shamna, Shafna.

P.B. Abdul Razak (Constituency: Manjeshwar)

P. B. Abdul Razak, Former District Panchayat President of Kasargod is a reputed leader who always stood for the communal harmony and he is very keen about the infrastructure development in the District. 54 year old Abdul Razak was formerly Chengala Grama Panchayat President. He was the General Secretary of the league’s Kasargod Constituency Committee. He also worked as the President of Chengala Panchayat League Committee. Presently he is the Vice President of Kasargod District Muslim League. His wife Safiya is an elected Panchayat Member. She is also the Chair Person of Chengala Grama Panchayat Standing committee.Children: Saheera, Shefeeque, Shaila, Shaima.

Sooppy Narikkatteri (Constituency: Kuttiadi)

Sooppy Narikkatteri, a leader who always stood for peace and tranquility in the Nadapuram area, has gone through many ordeals in his political life. For him, it was not an easy task to dedicate himself for the service of the people in a volatile area of intolerant C.P.M. cadres. He has to face many obstacles. He was physically attacked. But, he never deviated from his mission, the mission for ‘Honourable Existence’, the mission of IUML. Born to Kunhabdulla Haji and Kunhami in a middle class family, Sooppy Narikkatteri entered politics through M.S.F. He was School Leader in Kallachi Government High school. As an active M.S.F. worker he became the General Secretary of Vadakara Taluk M.S.F. He held many positions in the Party. A former President of Nadapuram Constituency Muslim Youth League, Sooppy later became the General Secretary of Constituency Muslim League. He contested many local body elections and got elected. He was the President of Kunnummal Block Panchayat. As an able Panchayat President for many years, a position he is still holding, Sooppy Narikkatteri received Best Panchayat Award 7 times from Central and state Governments. He is also the State General Secretary of Grama Panchayat Association.Wife : Savahida, Children: Jeshmina, Jaseera, Basil Muhammed.

Althaf Hussain (Constituency: Harbour)

A Diploma holder in Mechanical Engineering, Althaf Hussain, known as Tirupur Althaf is the son of famous yester year leader of IUML Tirupur Moideen Ex. M.L.A. Muslim League Tamil Nadu State Committee has decided to field Althaf Hussain as Party’s candidate from the same Harbour constituency in Chennai once his father was representing. Althaf was Tamil Nadu National League President till his Party merged with Muslim League few days back. 60 year old Althaf is a very good orator who can fluently speak in Tamil, English and Malayalam. He is also a trained in Martial arts. A well known politician Althaf participated many agitations. Once he was arrested and send to Tihar Jail for his participation in an agitation against TADA, A draconian law. He is the Editor of “Samudhaya Urimai”, a monthly journal.

H. Abdul Basith (Constituency: Vaniyambadi)

Abdul Basith is a sitting M.L.A. of Muslim League, representing Vaniyambadi. 43 year old Basith became so popular in the constituency by his sincere and dedicated service for the people and for the infrastructural development of the constituency. He is a long time member of the party. Basith is also an orator capable of speaking in Tamil, English, Urdu and Hindi fluently. He is an industrialist engaged in manufacturing of machineries for shoe making. A religious person, Basith is also well known for his service in the local jamaths.

Mohamed Sheikh Dawood (Constituency: Nagapatnam)

Mohamed Sheikh Dawood, residing in Nagoor, is a well known person for his educational and social activities. He is the President of Goudiya Sangham and Nagoor Educational Trust. These organizations are running many educational institutions. His contribution to educational field created revolutionary achievements in Nagoor. He is also the correspondent of Nagoor modern Metric School. He is also a good orator capable of speaking in Tamil, English and Hindi fluently. His School, Modern Matriculation School at Nagoor, just one kilometer away from Nagoor Darga Shareef plays an important role in the educational upliftment of the community and public.Mohamed Sheikh Dawood was honoured with ‘Samudhaya Olivilaku Award’ by Muslim League in recognition of his contribution for the educational upliftment of the society.

Britain hails ‘very successful’ Libya attacks

LONDON: Britain said Sunday its air and sea strikes on Libya had been “very successful” and stressed it was doing everything it could to avoid civilian casualties as it enforces a UN-sanctioned no-fly zone.

British fighter planes and a submarine joined US and French military in attacking Libya overnight, after they agreed with Arab allies at crisis talks in Paris to take action to stop Muammar Qadhafi’s offensive on rebels.
Defence Secretary Liam Fox told the BBC that early reports suggested the bombing raids were “very successful”
Air Vice Marshal Phil Osborn, the second in command of the Royal Air Force, added in a briefing to reporters in London: “We’re entirely comfortable with the way the operations went last night in terms of success.”

A Libyan official told AFP that at least 48 people had died in the assaults, which began with a strike at 1645 GMT Saturday by a French warplane on a vehicle the French military said belonged to pro-Qadhafi forces
But British ministers and officials said they were only hitting military targets needed to bring down Libya’s air defence network and enforce the no-fly zone agreed by the United Nations Security Council
Fox said the Libyan regime was “engaged in a propaganda exercise”, saying: “We are using some very specific types of weaponry designed to minimise any civilian casualties or other collateral damage.”

“The risk of collateral damage is at the forefront every time we do a plan,” added Osborn, saying that Britain had attacked “key military targets”, mostly around Tripoli.
In Britain’s first air strikes in the campaign, Tornados hit Libya on Saturday with Storm Shadow cruise missiles.

The planes flew 3,000 miles (4,800 kilometres) from their base in eastern England and back again in what officials said was the longest-range bombing mission for the Royal Air Force since the Falklands war with Argentina in 1982.

They were refuelled four times mid-air during the eight-hour round trip.
A British Trafalgar-class submarine meanwhile joined in an attack with American forces from the Mediterranean that saw more than 110 Tomahawk missiles fired at some 20 air defence targets, a top US military officer said

The international community moved to put a halt to the advance of Qadhafi’s forces on rebels, who have been trying to overthrow him for more than a month.
Acutely aware of the controversies in Britain’s involvement in the 2003 invasion of Iraq, Prime Minister David Cameron has gone to great lengths to defend the intervention, which is the first time he has sent troops into action since becoming premier.

The action is being taken under Thursday’s UN Security Council resolution which authorised the use of “all necessary means” to protect civilians and enforce a ceasefire and no-fly zone against Qadhafi’s forces
“We have all seen the appalling brutality that Colonel Qadhafi has meted out against his own people,” Cameron said late Saturday
“And far from introducing the ceasefire he spoke about, he has actually stepped up the attacks and the brutality that we can all see. So what we are doing is necessary, it is legal, 
and it is right.”

The defence secretary said the frigate HMS Westminster was off the coast of Libya, and another, HMS Cumberland, was in the region ready to support operations.
Typhoon and Tornado jets will fly this weekend to Gioia del Colle, a base in southern Italy, where they will be ready to deploy against Libya in the mission dubbed “Operation Ellamy”, Fox said.

British lawmakers are due to vote on military action in parliament on Monday but the main opposition has already pledged its full support.

“It is always a grave decision to send our armed forces into possible combat. But the international community could not have stood by as innocent people were slaughtered,” Labour leader Ed Miliband said Sunday.

MDMK breaks away from AIADMK, to boycott elections

Sunday 20 March 2011

Chennai, March 20 : Slighted by Tamil Nadu's main opposition party, Vaiko's MDMK Sunday said it had snapped links with the AIADMK and will not take part in assembly elections in Tamil Nadu and Puducherry.

The MDMK said it was hurt by the "arrogant attitude" of AIADMK general secretary and former chief minister J. Jayalalithaa and decided it was not feasible to remain in the AIADMK-led alliance.

But the MDMK ruled out the formation of a third front or contesting alone. It said it would boycott the April 13 elections.

According to MDMK, it initially asked for 35 of the 234 seats to contest. It scaled down the number to 30. But the AIADMK offered only six seats.

Later, the AIADMK increased its offer to nine seats while MDMK scaled down its demand to 21. But the AIADMK remained adamant, leading to Vaiko's parting of ways.

The AIADMK has sealed seat-sharing agreements with 10 parties for 74 seats and announced its candidates for the remaining 160.

A MDMK leader told IANS that the party felt that the AIADMK was in no mood to accommodate Vaiko -- Jayalalithaa's oldest ally.

The AIADMK feels that Vaiko -- a former DMK stalwart and a vocal supporter of Sri Lanka's vanquished Tamil Tigers -- is a spent force, with many of his senior colleagues deserting him

EC rejects 20 candidates in Assam

Press Trust Of India

Guwahati, March 20, 2011
First Published: 09:06 IST(20/3/2011)
Last Updated: 10:03 IST(20/3/2011)

Names of 20 candidates out of the 529 aspirants have been rejected by Election Commission on the last date of scrutiny for the first phase of poll scheduled on April four. Additional chief election officer M C Sahu told PTI yesterday that names of the 20 candidates had been rejected and now 509 asp irants were in the fray in the first phase.

March 21 is the last day of withdrawal of candidates for this phase. Elections will be held for 62 assembly constituencies on April 4 and 64 seats on April 11 respectively.

‘Will draw on my experiences in UAE’ ABDUL RAHMAN MP(VELLORE) IN DUBAI

Newly elected Member of Parliament from Vellore AbdulRahman called on Consul General of India in Dubai Venu Rajamony just after the recent general elections. Hesaid he would focus on improving education, health and business development infrastructure in his constituency. Rahman, who belongs to the Indian Union Muslim League, spent the last 33 years in the UAE, working in the IT department of the Dubai Islamic Bank. He was also active in the Indian community, distinguishing himselfthroughvarious social service projects.

Speaking to India Matters, he recounted his early days, when he arrived in 1982 to work with Gray Mackenzie Engineering Services in Dubai. After two years, he joined the Dubai Islamic Bank, where he remained
for the next three decades.

During that time, he became part of the Indian Muslim Association (IMAN) under the leadership of Syed M. Salahuddin, President of IMAN and Managing Director of the ETA Ascon Star Group.

“One of the biggest events the Indian Muslim Association in Dubai organizes
every year is the Iftar during the holy month of Ramadan,” Rahman said.

 “More than 5,000 people attend it every evening, irrespective of their social status. It is a perfect example of communal amity and harmony.
“I must share an incident with you, which has touched many hearts,” he
recounted. “The Consul General came for the Iftar feast on the first day of Ramadan last year, and refused to sit on a chair forthe meal. Instead, he insisted on sitting on the floor and eating with everyone. In fact, Mr. Rajamony promised us that every year he would start the first Iftar of Ramadan in the company of the Indian Muslim
Association in Dubai.”

Rahman was also one of the founder members of the Indian Community
Welfare Committee (ICWC), which works under the Indian Consulate. “I have been part of the committee since its inception, and ICWC is doing exemplary work in healing many lives, under the patronage of Mr. Venu Rajamony,” he added.

Talking about his experiences in Dubai and the UAE, he said: “The relationship between India and the UAE has always been strong. For decades, Indians have come to this part of the world to earn their

 A high percentage of Indian skilled and unskilled labour is
now part of the UAE workforce. People of the UAE have been hospitable to many nationalities including Indians. Expatriates are taken
care of and everyone lives in communal harmony. I think there are great lessons to be learnt from the UAE in all
these fields.

“Growth in infrastructure is also a domain this country
excels in. We have seen phenomenal development over the last few years and we have to applaud the vision of the leaders of this country for it. India must take cues from the UAE in that regard.  Also the number of charities and institutions in the UAE which come forward to help the underprivileged is unparalleled,” he continued.
Rahman said that he doesn’t want to take his victory in the polls as a mere means to enjoy the status of an MP, but work towards serving the people. “Elected representatives like us should work hard to fulfill the promises we made during our campaign. We have been chosen by the people and I will absorb all possible lessons and experiences from the UAE, as I embark on this journey,” he said.
Discussing the basic challenges in Vellore, he pointed out that the constituency has six assembly areas and eachone has different problems. “Accessibility to healthcare facilities is a struggle in many places,” he observed.

 “Some areas have no hospitals in a 15-20 km radius. Drinking water is also a big problem, and the constituency is trying to deal with it for a long time. I have promised my people that I will work towards bringing drinking water schemes to Vellore”.
He said he would look into all these areas of concern and at the least provide adequate essential amenities to the people.

He also voiced keen interest in developing business infrastructure in Tamil Nadu and promoting education.                          

Muslims had Lion's Share in Freedom Fight for Independent India


The Muslim names like “Ahmadulla” may be strange but are so sublime and solemn are resting in peace now but they neither knew any discrimination between Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs or Christians nor relaxed their incorrigible battle against to liberate India from the British Imperialism. Several of young Muslim boys of tender age, graduates or any ordinary unskilled worker, they were all precursors in the fight to win the freedom for India. Their thunderous and vibrating watchword was,”Vande Mataram” (Bow to thee, Mother).

 It was never “Allahu Akbar”, since it was only in their prayer halls,the mosques.

It is very obvious that the Muslims too had a lion’s share in fighting to free our nation along with Hindus with other faith holders, not yearning for a nation like Pakistan, but only to form an independent India.

But strangely enough, the mindset of present cohort particularly of few zealots is regrettably different; for they think that it was only Hindus who achieved the Independence along with Mahatma Gandhijee.

A feeling that only   a handful of Muslims alone  like Ali Brothers, Sir Syed Ahmed Khan, Ghaffar Khan, Shaik Abdullah, Moulana Abul Kalam Azad, Dr.Zakir Hussain  the only some who were on the fray to fight for our India, is inconsolable. There are number of common Muslims who laid down their lives for the cause independent India.

The book,” WHO IS WHO OF INDIAN MARTYRS” is so important  testimonial that it contains all the details of Muslims martyrs who laid their lives for the sake of our India.

There are several Muslims names in the aforesaid book, the age being tender, from eight-year-olds and senior Muslim citizens who sacrificed lives in bullet shots, death sentences, and life sentence, sent to Andaman Island cellular jails  to die there unattended and uncared for. Despite they were tortured, they stood for Inpendent Secular India, and never for Pakistan. Their photos and bio-data are all referred in the valuable book.

 Following are few excerpts from the book:

“Ahmadullah: b.1808 Patna, Bihar; S. of Shri Elahi Bux; Prominent public man of Patna;

Served as Deputy Collector and as a member of Income Tax Board of Assessors for some time; Took active part in Wahabi Movement Arrested in 1857.Released after 3 months. Arrested again in November 1864.

Removed from all public offices. Tried on charging plot on against the Government. Sentenced to death on February 27, 1865.The death sentence was later commuted to transportation for life and forfeiture of all property. Deported to the Andaman Islands in June 1865 and imprisoned. Died in the jail on November 21, 1881, alone and unattended. His younger brother, Yahya Ali, was also convicted of high treason at Ambala and deported Andaman Islands. Yahya Ali also died in Andamans.”

Another reference is worthy of note, how Muslim youths, school children along with brothers and sisters of different communities became victims all unarmed, gathering at Jallianwala Bagh in Amritser on April 13,1919.

The cruel act of the British Raj, under Brigadier -General Reginald Dyer who opened fire indiscriminately. The fire which lasted only for 10 to 15 minutes killed hundreds and wounding more 1500, including Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs and Christians.

There is a short and precise account of another “Ahmad Ullah who was born on 1884 at Amritsar Punjab, son of shri Karim Baksh; Took part in Nationalist activities against British rules. Seriously wounded in firing by British troops on people attending a public meeting at the Jallianwala Bagh, Amritsir on April 13, and 1919.Died on May 25, 1919″.

“Alauddin, Sheikh, born on 1912 a village in Mohammad Distt. Midnapur,West Bengal; Took part in the Quit India Movement (1942).
Led a procession to the Nandigram Police Station on September 30,1942.received bullet wounds in firing by the police and died the same day”.

 Similar accounts are many a one. The reiteration here is that the common notion that prevails in the minds of the young and old that India belongs to only  for Hindus is misconceived.

The genuine love and patriotism to our country lies not only in slogan like “vandematram”, but more importantly not being hostile to other faiths.

It’s strange that taking faiths as agenda for political purpose, and ill treat the privileged people, who love India in genuine perceptions;perspiring to alleviate its present poor condition of life especially rural India,they have seldom say in the interest of India.

Present day politicians barring few are divided in factions spewing poison on each other in communal intolerance.

The own communities versus own communities, own brothers fighting for political mileage is no wonder in India.

The winning politician ought to think that  younger generation is the future leaders of our Nation, focus on text books  not to keep them  controversial.It is happening pathetically so.

The students especially in the rural areas are not well informed on healthy politics. Most students are vulnerable to petty politics and remain enigmatic since they are not able to reach the patriotic assignments in the text books. 

Names like Mira Bhen, Anne Besant Allan Octavian Hume, William Digby, and Henry Cotton who are friends of India are less known to young students.

Let the politicians know there is no separate and isolated community as “Muslims” for they are also born in India as good patriots as “Hindus” in creating “Incredible India” whole heartedly hating radical Muslim terrorists.

Islam is no way responsible for such acts of brutality as radical Muslims do, and Islam do condemn it. Islam does not say, “Hold the Quran in one hand and kill the innocent with the other” It is quite unfortunate.

The word Jihad (an Arabic word for "struggle")  is most misunderstood, and has become  an easy tool for bigots to divide India, and they are the most influential to perpetrate violence, and strangely more percentage of young Muslim boys fill the prisons in the name of encounters, in fact most of them innocents for they know nothing about any crime.
 The fact can be supported on the Godhra Verdict that 31 were held guilty and 63 acquitted after years of orgies in the prison, the verdict was in February 2011.

Author Name: Dr P.N. Chopra (Chief Editor)
Binding: Hard Cover
Publisher: Ministry of Education and Social Welfare, Government of India 1972
Printed Pages: 357

TN polls: EC transfers TN DGP Letika Saran

Posted on Mar 20, 2011 at 11:49am IST

New Delhi: Ahead of the Assembly elections in Tamil Nadu, the Election Commission on Saturday replaced Director General of Police Letika Saran with top vigilance officer Bhola Nath and transfered collectors of four districts and several IPS officers.

The Commission said Bhola Nath will be the new DGP of Tamil Nadu for conduct of the Assembly polls. Nath currently heads the Directorate of Vigilance and Anti-Corruption.

The EC order comes close on the heels of principal opposition AIADMK demanding the transfer of Saran for conduct of polls.

In its order, the Commission also shifted the collectors of Madurai, Vellore, Theni and Erode replacing them with Sangayayam, Pallani Kumar, Karthik and C Kamraj respectively.

Six IPS officers including Chennai Sub-urban Police Commissioner and Madurai have also been shifted.

The EC said M N Manjunath will be the Inspector General of Police, South and Karan Singha new CoP for Chennai suburban and P Kannappan will be the Madurai police chief, while Sanjay Mathur has been made DIG Dindigul.
Nirmal Kumar Joshi has been appointed Superintendent of Police, Thiruvannamalai and Asra Garg as SP Madurai.

The EC has also sent a letter to the Tamil Nadu in this regard.

Tamil Nadu polls: Cash, freebies seized

Posted on Mar 20, 2011 at 01:01pm IST

Chennai: About Rs 17 crore worth of products including unaccounted cash of Rs 9 crore were seized so far in the run up to the April 13 Tamil Nadu Assembly polls so far, state Chief Electoral Officer Praveen Kumar said on Saturday.

"Rs 8 crore worth of freebies (like sarees and dhoties) and unaccounted cash of Rs 9 crore were seized so far," Kumar told reporters here.

Stating that the Election Commission has registered 35,240 complaints against various political parties for violation of model code of conduct, he said 34,000 cases alone were related to defacement of walls.

He said, about 10 lakh fresh applications for obtaining Electoral Photo Identity Cards (EPIC) were received. "They would be verified and issued to the eligible persons", he said.
He said 58 Expenditure Observers from various states were arrived here to take part in poll related duties.