Monday, June 18, 2012


An NGO, “INDIAN MINORITIES’ WELFARE TRUST” has been registered as a TRUST in Chennai, this day having its office at 10/6 Anaikar Complex, M.V.Badran Street, Periamet, Chennai 600 003with the main object of rendering service to deprived, oppressed and abused genre,  and also to obtain all benefits of Government Schemes to the MINORITIES. Following members readily subscribed their names to act as trustees, and the TRUST as whole salutes them in gratitude:

1. Jb.Ibnu Soud Shabdeen, Chennai
2. Kasim Sait, Anna Nagar Chennai 600 040
3. Dr.Sumayaa, Principal TABAK, Kilakkarai Ramnad Dist
4. Dr.KKA Hussain Ali M.D., Erode, 1.
5. Jb.Mohammad Saleemuddin, Chennai, 600 012
6. Mrs.Umai Banu Basha, Salem 635 001.
7. Jb.P.Usman Basha, Chennai, Park Town, Chennai 600 003
8. Jb.K.Saleem, Egmore, Chennai 600 008
9. Dr.Akmal Hussain, Ismailpur, Kannauj UP
10. Jb.Syed Anver, Advocate, Hosur, Krishnagiri Dist
11. Jb.Faizuddeen, Kancheepuram 631 501
12. Shafee Ahmed Ko,Chennai 600008.
Jb.Sulthan Musathick IARS has promised his support as an adviser.
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