Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Fear of Friday the 13th. Triskaidekaphobia

By Shafee Ahmed Ko

I found  this piece of article in  "Yahoo India Answer Blog" on June 13 2008 which fell on Friday. Most of the orthodox people are afraid to initiate effort in order to  accomplish their targets as they consider the day as an inauspicious. This piece of work was commented by me, appears here as bottom line.
 In Tamil Nadu,Puducherry,Kereala the poll  will be held on Wednesday, 13 April 2011, and the counting  will begin  on Friday 13th.May 2011. The orthodox genre may  be gripped with obsession, and following lines will alleviate and will be of much relief: 
Triakaidekaphobia  is the fear of the number 13. And today is Friday the 13th; a day burdened with wicked omens, especially for the Triskaidekaphobics, whose haunted souls have a crippling fear of the unthinkable evil that looms between 12 and 14. So if you get fired from your job today, or smash up your car, you know what to blame it on. An excuse for explaining our inabilities perhaps.
The fifth day of the week and the number 13, both have ominous reputations since prehistoric times. Some people won’t go to work; eat out; many wouldn’t think of setting a wedding on this date. Multistory buildings and hotels have no 13th floor. Airplanes have no 13th aisle. Except the 13th aisle is sitting right behind the 12th, just labeled as 14 to trick you into tranquility or maybe a good laugh at your expense! So,where does it come from the fear of 13? What is that made the number unlucky?  Does a mere number really have the power to wreak havoc in our lives? Or is it an easy way to downsize the screw-ups we ourselves are guilty of? If your dread of 13 begins to take over your life, you should seek professional help, says Bonebright. But that can wait until Monday I guess.


  1. This is nothing but compulsive obssession. A morbid fear that is linked with some catastrophes which co-incidently happened with the no 13. Those who are very much gripped with such phobias should do their routine chores on which the fear. The great result will be very much fruiteful. Slowly the fear will vanish. If any one fears snake, first try with rubber snakes,live-like,and with those non poisonous snake. My little child had a fear of cats. She was so wary about the cat. I bought cat toys,very bushy. The child started cajoled and fondled daily. The I brought the real cat. She started playing with it.
    Those who fear No.13, should do more things on this particular day. Conducting marriages, if any invoice sequences after 12, never skip to 14,be rigid to make an invoice on No.14. Ask for room no 13, a seat in flight No.13,wait for the consequence. Everything will be fine. It is unwanted and unnecessary fear that haunts such obsessive people.

    (Comment posted on June 13th, 2008 at 11:16 am by Shafee Ahmed Ko)


Poll dates - WB, TN, Assam, Kerala, Pondicherry

New Delhi, Mar 1: The poll dates for the five crucial states - West Bengal, Tamil Nadu , Assam, Kerala, Pondicherry have been declared on Tuesday, Mar 1. Indian political parties have so far eagerly waited for the dates. It seems that the crucial elections in the above mentioned five states will have a great impact on Indian political scenario.

The Election Commission (EC) has declared all poll dates. West Bengal will go for a six phase election which will begin from Apr 18, 2011. The six dates which have been decided for West Bengal's election are - Apr 18, Apr 23, Apr 27, May 3, May 7 and May 10.

Kerala will hold one phase poll and that is on Apr 13. The election dates for both Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry have been fixed to be held on Apr 13, 2011. However, Assam will face two phase poll and that are on Apr 4 and Apr 11, 2011.

The Election commissioner S Y Qureshi, during a press conference on Tuesday, Mar 1, declared the dates and also announced the date of votes counting and that is - May 13, 2011.

Trinamool Congress chief Mamata Banerjee has tried her best to overwhelm the people of West Bengal and that is very much clear from her Railway Budget 2011. The chief minister of the state Buddhadeb Bhattacherjee is also trying to hold its position.

In Tamil Nadu, Opposition leader Jayalalitha is also a strong contender to mar the reign of DMK supremo and chief minister of the state M Karunanidhi.

Courtesy:One India News 

List of those sentenced in Godhra case

Tue, Mar 1 2011 
Ahmedabad : Of the 31 people convicted in the 2002 Godhra train carnage case, 11 have been sentenced to death and 20 to life imprisonment.
Those sentenced to death are:
Ismail Sujela alias Haji Bilal, Razak Kurkur, Ramzani Binyamin Behra, Jabbir Binyamin Behra, Mehboob Hassan alias Latiko, Siraj Bala, Irfan Kalandar, Irfan Patadia, Hassan Lalu, Mehboob Chanda and Salim Zarda.
Those awarded life imprisonment are:
Suleman Ahmed Hussain alias Tiger, Abdul Rehman Abdul Majid Dhantiya alias Kankatto, Kasim Abdul Sattar alias Kasim Biriyani Ghanchi, Irfan Siraj Pado Ghanchi, Anwar Mohammed Mehd alias Lala Shaikh, Siddik alias Matunga Abdullah Badam, Mehbub Yakub Mitha alias Popa, Soheb Yusuf Ahmed Kalandar, Shaukat Bhano Farook Abdul Sattar Pataliya, Siddik Mohammad Mora, Abdul Sattar Ibrahim Gaddi Asla, Abdul Rauf Abdul Majid Isa alias Dhesli alias Kamli, Yunus Abdullah alias Ghadiyali, Ibrahim Abdul Razak Abadul Sattar Samol alias Bhano, Bilal Abdullah Ismail Badam Ghanchi, Farook Haji Bhuriyo Abdul Sattar Ibrahim Musalman, Ayub Abdul Gani Ismail Pataliya, Shaukat Abdullah Maulvi Ismail Badam, Mohammed Hanif alias Hani Abdullah Maulvi Ismail Badam and Shaukat Yusuf Ismail Mohan alias Bibino.

Godhra case: 11 get death, 20 to serve life term

Ahmedabad Tuesday, Mar 1, 2011
A special court on Tuesday awarded the death penalty to 11 persons convicted for the 2002 Godhra carnage. Twenty other convicts were sentenced to life in prison.
Last week, the court accepted the prosecution’s contention that a conspiracy was hatched to set ablaze coach S-6 of the Sabarmati Express on February 27, 2002, which killed 59 people. The court had held 31 persons guilty for the incident.
Special public prosecutor JM Panchal, who sought death for all the convicts, argued that the Godhra incident was not comparable to any other criminal case in history. Thus, he argued, it fit into the ‘rarest of the rare’ category specified by the apex court for capital punishment.
Finer details like grounds on which punishment was determined for each convict are not clear yet. “The court has delivered its verdict and its observation will only be known after the full text of the judgment is made available to the accused on Thursday,” Panchal said.