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Seeking record 12th win, Karunanidhimay have it easy on home turf


Tiruvarur, Apr 7 :

After completing a hat-trick of wins in the placid Chepauk constituency in Chennai city, Muthuvel Karunanidhi, the 87-year-old DMK patriarch, seeking a record sixth term as Chief Minister, has come to his home-turf to seek election to the State Assembly in the April 13State elections.

The tradition-rich constituency in the Cauvery delta region, would go down in the history in the April 13 Assembly elections as the Dravidian stalwart is all set to register his 12th victory to the Assembly.

Mr Karunanidhi, who holds the record of having won all the 11 elections and had constested since his debut in Kulithalai in 1957, has come to the home-turf for the first time as a proud ''son of the soil''.

The Octogenarian leader began his public life on the streets of Tiruvarur as a phamplet distributor at a tender age of 14, opposing imposition of Hindi in 1937.

He shot into fame, right from his school days when he became the poster boy for rationalist leader Periyar E V Ramasamy's Dravidian movement, flaying religious orthodoxy. Since then, he never looked back.

''We are delighted that our Thalaivar (Our Leader) has returned home after a long time and we would be too happy to ensure his thumping victory,'' P Shanmugavel, a 78-year-old farmer says.

Mr Karunanidhi, though locked in a 12-cornered contest in the compact constituency, with an electorate of 2.03 lakh, faces AIADMK nominee ''Kudavaasal'' M Rajendran, a member of the dominant ''Kallar'' community as his main rival.

Besides six Independents, the BJP, BSP and the newly launched Indiya Jananayaga Katchi (IJK) have fielded candiadtes. But they appear to be non-starters in the high voltage contest.

Karunanidhi has chosen to skip his favourite Chepauk constituency in Chennai this time opting for the 'son-of-the soil' tag in Tiruvarur in what has become a trend for top DMK leaders. They have shifted to constituencies from the state capital.


Anna Hazare's fight grows via SMSes,Facebook

  | New Delhi, April 7, 2011 | Updated 10:30 IST

Anna Hazare's campaign against corruption may be rooted in Gandhian values, but it's getting much support from modern communication tools.
Mobile movement
Just like in the West Asian and African prodemocracy movements, modern telephony has greatly helped spread the message of Anna's resolve to go on an indefinite fast.
The organisers had sent group SMSes at random, asking people to give missed call on a certain number to express their solidarity. And, the result was astonishing. More than 7 lakh such missed calls were registered.
FB portal flooded
Talking of technology, the internet revolution cannot be ignored. Not the least by India Against Corruption. A country anguished by the stupendous rise in corruption has chosen the organisation's Facebook portal to give vent to its feelings. Else, the number of its FB members wouldn't have swelled from 5 lakh to a staggering 12 lakh in two days flat. Better still, the count is growing every minute and so are the number of its followers on Twitter.
Anna Hazare's campaign in numbers
40,106 is the number of people who 'like' Hazare's 'India Against Corruption' page on Facebook, called 'Indiacor'.
400 locations across world are seeing similar protests, including Montreal, San Jose, Minneapolis & Amsterdam.
7 lakh people have expressed solidarity with the movement by giving a missed call on 022-61550789

TN polls: Rahul campaigns for youngbrigade

M. C. Rajan  | Karur, April 7, 2011 | Updated 14:20 IST
This is for the first time that he is seen to be accommodating the DMK by sharing the dais with the candidates from the southern ally. But, he is careful enough about keeping a distance from the DMK patriarch M Karunanidhi. He has never called on the octogenarian during his previous visits and even now there seem to be no such plans.
As in the past, he continued to harp on development and appealed to the electorate to vote for performance. Like his mother and Congress president Sonia Gandhi, he too refrained from taking on the Opposition, especially the AIADMK of Jayalalithaa.

"Our programme is aimed at wealth percolating down to the masses. Tamil Nadu and the central governments have been working jointly for that so far and would continue to work for it," he said.

"Manmohan Singhji and Kalaignarji ( DMK chief Karunanidhi) are working together to ensure that the two parties and the two governments continue to work for development of the state," Rahul said.

However, unlike in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, Rahul's Tamil Nadu tour is not a road- show as his tour schedule shows that the young MPs focus remains on helping those of his team in the fray. He launched the campaign at Erode from where the Youth Congress state president is contesting and his next stop was Karur where his lieutenant Jothimani is in the fray. Both are facing AIADMK veterans.

When the DMK is not keen on shouldering the campaign for the Congress candidates, the plight of the Youth Congress nominees needs no elaboration. All the seven nominees from the young wing have placed their hopes on the Rahul magic. The Nehru- Gandhi family scion has not disappointed them but whether he could prove to be a vote earner is what remains to be seen.

At Karur, the crowd turnout was moderate.

With his arrival getting delayed, many had deserted the venue unable to bear the scorching sun. But, a few enthusiastic DMK supporters were there waving their party flags.

Sharing the limelight with Rahul was Jothimani, who doubled up as the translator.

Unlike others who had made Rahul's speech appear like that of a seasoned politician, she did not go astray.

A post graduate with an M. Phil degree, 35- year- old Jothimani has come from the grassroots. A spinster, she took the plunge into politics nearly a decade ago while contesting as a councillor for a village panchayat. It was the urge to solve a local problem over denial of drinking water to the Dalits that had driven her to enter politics.

She was the general secretary of the district Congress before being spotted in Rahul's talent hunt.

Though she is pitted against sitting AIADMK legislator Senthil Balaji, she is carrying on the campaign. And this young woman who strikes an instant chord with the voters is confident of pulling off a coup in the AIADMK stronghold.

" Rahul's campaign will give a boost to our efforts and his charisma will work to our advantage," she said.

Teenage life and some problems related to it.

"The thing which seems to be very easy is not as easy it seems.

People acknowledge teenage life as the most reassuring, rejoiceful and full of rock and roll rides. However, this myth is not germane owing to the fact of its complications, impediments, and such conundrums that sometimes leads to a comprehensive metamorphosis. It is certainly huddled up with loads of unignorable .thoughts and infatuations.

Laughter, love, anxiety, transformation, companionship….all damn feeling that are existed in this world are conceded and evaluated in this segment of life. There are certain tribulations that are associated with it…. One such problem is infatuation or attraction, which is very common in teenagers. It will not be good to put up this as a problem however; it has always ruined teenager's life. INFATUATION becomes such a conundrum of life owing to the fact that nobody is escaped from the boundation of love. They strive to impress the opposite sex that leads to cross the extent.

TEXT MESSAGING, CHATTING, TALKING ON PHONE, FREQUENT MEETINGS WITHOUT PERMISSIONS. All this happens which makes the student to get into the list of spoil brats.   Due to this no students concentrates on their studies and career orientation.
The second problem is profoundly germane in teenagers's life i.e. BECOMING unique in their own way. They always try to imitate others for becoming cool and prominent… they endeavor out smoking and drinking just to flaunt. Nevertheless, it is appalling for their health.
This ALL lead to the death of self-realm or self-being as teenagers tries to live on others terms. Lastly, in this age, teenagers became gadgets freaks and lethargic. Eventually it makes them become prone to portliness and stoutness. Last year a survey was conducted which stated that total 25,000 teenagers in Delhi are prone to obesity just because of sluggishness and languid lifestyles!
These are the certain basic problems, which make this beautiful phase of life as exigent one…
One should enjoy this with zeal and zest

Ban Ki-moon condemns Quran burning in US –

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has strongly condemned recent act of desecration of the Quran in Florida, stressing that “such actions cannot be condoned by any religion.”
In a meeting with a group of ambassadors representing Member States of the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) to the United Nations, Ban said: “The recent burning of a copy of the Quran in the United States and similar actions anywhere else contradict the efforts of the United Nations to promote tolerance, intercultural understanding and mutual respect between cultures and religions.”
The Secretary General termed the despicable act of burning of Islam’s Book as unacceptable and said he supported the UN High Representative of the Alliance of Civilizations, Jorge Sampaio, who noted in a statement on Sunday that the “desecration of the Qoran as of any text should be vehemently repudiated.”
The burning of the Quran sparked widespread protests in Afghanistan in recent days, and resulted in the killing of three UN staff members and four Nepalese guards at the UN compound in the city of Mazar-i-Sharif on Friday.
The Secretary-General thanked the ambassadors for their condemnation of and condolences for the attack on UN staff in Afghanistan. He said such an attack cannot be justified under any circumstances.
Ban and the OIC diplomats also discussed issues related to the work of the UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) and the Middle East peace process, as well as the evolving situation in the Middle East and North Africa.
The OIC Group of Ambassadors, comprising Tajikistan (OIC Chair), Morocco (OIC Coordinator for Human Rights), Pakistan, Iran and Egypt, Palestine and Permanent Observer of OIC, conveyed OIC’s strong condemnation of this act and requested the Secretary General to assume the leadership role to address the issue.
The OIC ambassadors also expressed their strong condemnation of the unfortunate killing of UN staff at Mazar-i-Sharif Afghanistan and offered their condolences to the bereaved families.
Voicing strong condemnation of the burning of the Quran, Permanent Representative of Pakistan to the UN, Ambassador Abdullah Hussain Haroon, who was amongst the OIC ambassadors, met the Secretary General and expressed his profound concern at the increasing acts of Islamophobia and growing trend of intolerance.
He said the Quran is not merely a book; it was indeed the word of Allah, and it included scriptures from all faiths, including Christianity and Judaism. He expressed OIC’s grave concern that the despicable act had severely hurt the feelings of 1.5 billion Muslims around the world.
The Pakistani ambassador said such provocative acts are the work of extremists and fanatics guided by their hatred and intolerance for other cultures, religions and societies. These are designed to provoke dissent and discord among communities and peoples across the world, and also go against the very concept of inter-faith harmony and threaten the multicultural fabric of the societies.
Refuting Samuel Huntington’s notion of clash of civilizations, Ambassador Haroon underlined the need to bolster the United Nations and Muslim-led effort to promote worldwide inter-faith and inter-cultural harmony.
The ambassador requested the UN Secretary General to take lead in ensuring peace and harmony among peoples of the world. He said OIC has full confidence in the UN’s leadership and hoped that it would take a principal role in fighting such tendencies and promoting inter -cultural and inter-faith harmony that is basic to coexistence of mankind.
Ambassadors of Tajikistan (OIC Chair), Iran, Egypt and Morocco (OIC Coordinator for Human Rights) noted that the OIC being a strong proponent of inter-faith harmony has been constructively engaging and contributing on all forums devoted to this cause including the Alliance of Civilizations.
The ambassadors informed the Secretary General that OIC has recently presented a resolution in the Human Rights Council on combating intolerance, negative stereotyping and stigmatization and discrimination, incitement to violence and violence against persons based on their religion or belief which has been adopted by consensus.
They have called for a more active role of the UN towards protecting all the religions.
On March 22, Ambassador Haroon had also written a letter to the UN Secretary General, in which he drew UN attention towards this despicable act of desecration of the Quran by Wayne Sapp under the supervision of Pastor Terry Jones. The controversial and fundamentalist pastor oversaw the burning of a copy of the Quran at his small Florida church after the Islamic revered book was put on trial, found guilty and condemned for execution.

Notification for fourth phase of West Bengal polls issued

Kolkata, Apr 7: The notification for the fourth phase of West Bengal Assembly polls was issued on Thursday

The elections in this phase will take place in 63 seats in Howrah, Hoogly, East Midnapore districts and Burdwan and Katwa Sub Divisions in Burdwan district on May 3.

Meanwhile, altogether 310 nominations were filed for the second phase of polls in the State. Filings of nominations are also on for third phase of polls in 75 seats in Kolkata, North and South 24 Pargana districts where voting will take place on April 27.

The state will have elections in six phases. The first phase of voting will take place on April 18, second phase on April 23, third phase on April 27, fourth phase on May 3, fifth phase on May 7 and sixth phase on May 10. 

The total number of assembly constituencies in West Bengal is 294, of which 68 are reserved for the Scheduled Castes and 16 for the Scheduled Tribes.

The Election Commission has said that polling will take place at 51,919 polling stations

Kolkata intellectuals laud Anna Hazare's fight against graft

Kolkata, April 7: The city's intellectuals Thursday lauded the efforts of social reformer Anna Hazare who is on an indefinite fast in New Delhi for a strong anti-corruptionlegislation in the country.

Hailing Hazare's effort, national award winning filmmaker Buddhadeb Dasgupta said: "It's a great gesture. Hazare has taken the right stand. Everybody should not only support him but be with him.

"The politicians are not only worthless but out and out corrupt. Fasting perhaps is the most apt way to fight such a menace. You can see support for him has been pouring from all quarters of the country."

Hazare, 72, is on a fast in Jantar Mantar in New Delhi with hundreds of supporters to press for a joint committee, of government representatives and civil society, to draft Lokpal Bill.

"What he has done is the wish of many people. Even I wanted to do this," Dasgupta told IANS.

Well-known theatre personality Rudraprasad Sengupta described Hazare as a man known for his social commitment for decades.

"He is anguished and this way he is making his anguish known to the people. His effort is really laudable.

"Corruption is an indicator of whether the country is blooming or rotting. Unfortunately in our case it's the latter. Sadly enough we ordinary people do not play our role," he said.

"Procrastination is the hallmark of the political class while 'status quoism' is the hallmark of the civil society," lamented the 76-year-old, who heads the famous Bengali theatre group Nandikar.

Asked if Hazare's movement would yield fruit, Sengupta said: "I am too old to speculate. Who am I to make a judgment? Though I have not lost hope, I do not want to pitch my hopes on Hazare or (Prime Minister) Manmohan Singh."

Eminent Bengali writer and Sahitya Academy head Sunil Gangopadhyay said: "I wholeheartedly support what Hazare is doing and urge people to join him in his fight against corruption."

Renowned poet and critic Shankha Ghosh praised Hazare for his crusade but said going on a hunger strike was not the most appropriate approach.

"Although I support his cause I feel 'annshun' is the not the appropriate mode."

Asked if Hazare's crusade will be successful, Ghosh said: "I am not very hopeful. The politicians will make hollow promises and somehow convince him to withdraw his fast and then things will remain as they are."

Sahitya Akademi award winning writer Sirshendu Mukhopadhyay also said going on a fast is not the right way to tackle the issue.

"I am really very anxious for him. I wish and hope that he withdraws his fast soon.

"Corruption is a big menace and people should come to the negotiation table and try solving the problem. Hunger strike perhaps is not the right way forward," said Mukhopadhyay.

Human rights activist and secretary of the Association for Protection of Democratic Rights (APDR) Sujato Bhadra said: "It is a very good move and we wholeheartedly support him. People should and must join him in large numbers.

"We have planned to take out a procession in the heart of the city on Monday (April 11) to show our solidarity and urge people to join in the movement," added Bhadra.

U.S. government seeks names of U.S. residents with HSBC India bank accounts to avoid taxes

WASHINGTON, D.C. : The United States is seeking an order from a federal court in San Francisco authorizing theInternal Revenue Service (IRS) to request information from HSBC Bank USA about U.S. residents who may be using accounts at The Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation in India (HSBC India) to evade federal incometaxes, the Justice Department announced on Thursday.

he U.S. government filed a petition with the court to allow theIRS to serve what is known as a "John Doe" summons on the bank. The IRS uses a John Doe summons to obtain information about possible tax fraud by people whose identities are unknown. If approved, the John Doe summons would direct HSBC USA to produce records identifying U.S. taxpayers with accounts at HSBC India, many of whom are believed by the government to have hidden their accounts from the IRS.

According to documents filed with the government's petition, on January 26, a grand jury in Newark, New Jersey, indicted Vaibhav Dahake of Somerset, New Jersey, charging him with conspiracy to defraud the United States by using undeclared accounts in the British Virgin Islands and at HSBC India to evade his income taxes. According to those documents, employees of HSBC Holdings plc and its affiliates operating in the United States assured Dahake that accounts maintained in India would not be reported to the IRS.

The U.S. government further alleges that, according to HSBC's website, in 2002 HSBC India opened a "representative office" at an HSBC USA office in New York City to enable "Non-Resident Indians" (NRIs) living in the United States to open accounts in India. In 2007, HSBC India allegedly opened a second representative office at an HSBC USA office in Fremont, California, purportedly "to make banking transactions more convenient for the NRI community based in California."

Although HSBC India closed those offices in June 2010, the U.S. government alleges that NRI clients may still access their accounts at HSBC India from the United States.

According to the petition documents, NRI clients have told IRS investigators that NRI representatives in the United States assured the clients that they could invest in accounts at HSBC India without paying U.S. income tax on interest earned on the accounts and that HSBC would not report the income earned on the HSBC India accounts to the IRS.

"The U.S. Department of Justice is committed to ensuring that all U.S. taxpayers meet their obligations to declare and pay taxes on foreign bank accounts," said John A. DiCicco, Principal Deputy Assistant Attorney General for the Justice Department's Tax Division. "The ability to hide accounts in foreign countries is rapidly dwindling. We will continue working hand-in-hand with the IRS to enforce the tax laws against those who are using offshore accounts - wherever they are located - to evade taxes."

IRS Commissioner Douglas Shulman added that the IRS continues to focus its attention on international tax evasion. "This summons request is focused on obtaining more information to help us determine if additional actions are needed. As I've said all along, our international efforts are not about just one country or one bank - it's about our wider effort to ensure compliance with the nation's tax laws."

Federal law requires U.S. taxpayers to pay federal income taxes on all income earned worldwide. U.S. taxpayers must also report foreign financial accounts if the total value of the accounts exceeds USD 10,000 at any time during the calendar year. A willful failure to report a foreign account can result in a penalty of up to 50 percent of the amount in the account at the time of the violation.

In August 2009, Swiss banking giant UBS agreed to give American authorities the names of nearly 4,500 U.S. citizens who had opened bank accounts there. The IRS has since convicted scores of people for failing to pay taxes over billions of U.S. dollars.

Courtesy:BNO News

Vote for Congress again for Assam's development, says PM


Barpeta (Assam), April 7 : Prime Minister Manmohan Singh Thursday appealed to people to vote the Congress into power again to ensure Assam's development, and urged them not to be misled by the false promises of the opposition Asom Gana Parishad (AGP) and the BharatiyaJanata Party (BJP).

I would like to appeal to the people of Assam to give the Congress another chance so that the development work undertaken by the government in the past 10 years could be completed, and same time, not to be misled by the propaganda of the AGP and the BJP," the prime minister told an election rally at Barpeta in western Assam, about 120 km from Guwahati.

Manmohan Singh was in Assam to address two election rallies - one in Barpeta and the other at Sipajhar in the northern Darrang district. He returned to New Delhi later.

"When the Congress government took office in 2001, the state's economic status was in a shambles and we had to really work hard to bring back Assam to a stage where we can proudly claim it is on right track now," the prime minister said.

"Development work in Assam was literally not moving at all during the AGP regime and the law and order situation was very bad."

Lauding the last 10 years of government under Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi, the prime minister said the people of Assam should vote for development and stability.

"We are a party of the 'aam aadmi (common man)' and Tarun Gogoi's government was able to accelerate the pace of development by leaps and bounds, besides peace dawning in Assam."

Manmohan Singh also mentioned the peace talks with the outlawed United Liberation Front of Asom (ULFA), and said the central government is committed to finding a solution to the long-standing insurgency problem in Assam.

"The ULFA peace talks is a good beginning and let me tell you our doors for peace talks with all militant groups are open. We want the militants to shun violence and come for talks," the prime minister said.

Manmohan Singh campaigned in eastern Assam last week.

The second and the final phase of elections is scheduled April 11 in 64 of the 126 assembly seats. An estimated 73 percent polling was recorded in the first phase April 4.

Radiation eases; police search for 2,400 missing in 10- to 20-km zone

Kyodo News

Police began searching Thursday for people missing within a 10- to 20-km radius of the crippled Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant.

A team of about 300 police officers in protective gear searched for the missing in part of the city of Minamisoma, Fukushima Prefecture, while measuring radiation levels.

The Self-Defense Forces and U.S. military have not conducted search and recovery missions for bodies in the 10- to 20-km zone, which residents were instructed to evacuate due to high radiation levels.

Fukushima and Tokyo police launched the search Thursday as the radiation levels have stabilized, the police said.
The 2,453 missing in the search area account for more than 60 percent of all the missing in Fukushima Prefecture.

The National Police Agency put the number of people killed in the disaster at 12,596 in 12 prefectures and that of missing people at 14,747 in six prefectures as of 10 a.m. Thursday.

The disaster hit Miyagi, Iwate and Fukushima prefectures particularly hard.

The number of people killed stood at 7,680 in Miyagi Prefecture, 3,687 in Iwate Prefecture and 1,168 in Fukushima Prefecture.

The number of missing came to 6,320 in Miyagi Prefecture, 4,472 in Iwate Prefecture, and 3,951 in Fukushima Prefecture.

The police have so far finished autopsies on 12,520 bodies in the three prefectures. Of them, 10,427 have been identified.

As of Thursday, some 160,000 people were staying at about 2,300 shelters in 18 prefectures, the NPA said. The figure includes evacuees escaping possible exposure to radiation emanating from the troubled nuclear power plant.


Kerala polls include 153 candidates with criminal background

Thiruvananthapuram, Apr 7 :

A total of 153 candidates with a criminal back ground and 53 crorepati candidates will battle the elections from Kerala this year for the assemblyelections.

According to a report prepared by the National Election Watch, 153 candidates i.e. 43 per cent (out of 355 analyzed) with self declared pending criminal charges contesting in the Kerala Assembly Elections

Thirty candidates out of these 153 analyzed, have declared serious IPC charges attempt to murder, extortion, causing hurts by dangerous weapons etc against them.

All major parties have given tickets to candidates with pending criminal cases. The Kerala Congress (M) 62 per cent, the INC 54 per cent, the CPI (M) 45 per cent, the CPI and the Muslim League 43 per cent each.

A total of 53 candidates, i.e. 15 per cent (out of 355 analyzed) are crorepatis.

Percentage of crorepati candidates in INC, ML, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), CPI (M), CPI and Kerala Congress (M) is 13 per cent, 57 per cent, 6 per cent, 8 per cent, 4 per cent and 46 per cent respectively

In Puducherry, a total of 24 candidates have self declared pending criminal charges against them.

Of the 24, five candidates have been charged with serious offences like kidnapping and extortion under the IPC. 

Of the 10 All India Anna Dravida Munnettra Kazhagam (DMK) questioned four have criminal records, two from the DMK out of the 10 candidates fall in this category.

Only one Desiya Murpokku Dravida Kazhagam was quizzed and he was found to be tainted and of the 20 BJP candidates in question, one was guilty of a crime. 

Kerala and Puducherry go to the polls on April 13.

Raja's nephew linked with 2G scam, dead

Chennai, Apr 7 :

Former Telecom minister A Raja's nephew Deepak Pushpanathan, whose premise were earlier raided in connection with the 2G scam, has died of a cardiac arrest.

Reports on Thursday said that Deepak (30) had complained of discomfort and chest pain while working out in the gym on Wednesday here. 

He was rushed to a nearby hospital, but pronounced brought dead. 

Nephew of the disgraced former minister, Central Bureau of  Investigation (CBI) had raided Deepak’s house in December in connection with the 2G Spectrum allocation scam. 

Deepak was associated with DB Etisalat, a company under the CBI's scanner in the scam. 

The premise of another close aide of Raja, Sadiq Batcha, was searched along with that of Deepak’s. 

Batcha later committed suicide last month, stating that he could not bear the embarrassment of the probe.



Students are the driving force in disseminating  the objective of any party is more decisive although they are not supposed to involve fully as politicians. But they play a key role as moral supporter to the society, bridging healthy politicians to the people.

While speaking such vital subject Indian Union Muslim League has soft corner and also renders all support for their moral participation. It is  matter of fact that great parties  have succeed through the students’ volunteers.

A student cannot be a book worm to his particular subject while politics also play vital role in the society. He or she has to involve in such a manner, as silent observer, not detriment to his or his studies   supporting to the parties concerned. The party offers a good platform to become a good speaker, writer or good motivator. This way the students gain confidence, and march for a successful life.

Going through the Muslim Students Federation In Chennai it was founded in the year 2007 with a pristine purpose of serving IUML to bring all the like minded students to the safe umbrella of IUML, mainly to address of woes, pitfalls, turmoil, social turbulent arising to mass in an amicable way and keeping in mind the peace and amity that our nation India needs. While saying mass, the Students’
Federation also takes all like minded communities to its fold.

One can wonder that what a noble principle these Muslim Students Federation (MSF) has in their stockpile or think-tank, while speaking with these young people, we are able to understand their writing, and oratorical capacities.
Here is beautiful quote from Muslim Students Federation (MSF) Chennai:

“It is one of the frontal organizations under Indian Union Muslim League. But is not a political training group, nor is ladder to climb up in politics; our aim is only to give students a political, social and educational orientation and guide them in the right path”

Notwithstanding these, they ideate more practical, viable and feasible factors what they feel as an objective of bringing the all Muslim student community under the banner and flag of Indian Union Muslim League.

The MSF further states that more than half of the population of India is youths, including students. Thus MSF further feels that these youths  feel a little to concentrate in Indian polity, silently contributing their might  for the nation building  through their social service.

They  vow with the following words,” MSF is trying to draw the attention of the youths (of India) including students towards the political and educational responsibility” While going further to their articulation they want an opportunity to share their thoughts with decision making leaders, and to get their  leadership qualities developed among themselves.

They have multifold deserving healthy objectives and that can be translated to their avid interest, in view that they may come up to the front bench of politics to learn, adhere the best policies from their mentors.

Shanawas,its president says,"India is multi-cultural,multi-ethnic, and multi-linguistic country.There are differences that we cannot end; but we learn from our leaders that how best  we can live peacefully amongst these differences".

Their interesting website is herewith appended:

Tamil Nadu polls: EC issues notice to Jayalalithaa, Vijayakanth


Chennai, Apr 7 :

The Election Commission (EC) has issued notices to All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (AIADMK) supremo J Jayalalithaa and Desiya Murpokku Dravida Kazhagam (DMDK) chief and actor Vijayakanth for their alleged personal attacks against Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M Karunanidhi and his family members in their campaign speeches for the April 13 assembly polls.

According to reports, the EC, which issued notice to the two leaders following a recent complaint lodged by the members of DMK poll committee, has asked them to furnish their replies by 5 p.m. today.

The Dravida Munnettra Kazhagam (DMK) had on April 1 claimed Jayalalithaa and Vijaykanth have flouted the model code of conduct by making personal attacks against Chief Minister Karunanidhi and his family and the Election Commission should take suitable action against them.

In a four-page complaint lodged with the Chief Electoral Officer, the party claimed that the AIADMK leader was ''making serious and highly objectionable allegations'' against its leader M Karunanidhi and his family.

The DMK alleged that Vijaykanth also was making similar ''malicious and false allegations against its leader''.

A total of 2,773 candidates will contest for seats in 234 Tamil Nadu Assembly constituencies