Friday, April 8, 2011


Students are the driving force in disseminating  the objective of any party is more decisive although they are not supposed to involve fully as politicians. But they play a key role as moral supporter to the society, bridging healthy politicians to the people.

While speaking such vital subject Indian Union Muslim League has soft corner and also renders all support for their moral participation. It is  matter of fact that great parties  have succeed through the students’ volunteers.

A student cannot be a book worm to his particular subject while politics also play vital role in the society. He or she has to involve in such a manner, as silent observer, not detriment to his or his studies   supporting to the parties concerned. The party offers a good platform to become a good speaker, writer or good motivator. This way the students gain confidence, and march for a successful life.

Going through the Muslim Students Federation In Chennai it was founded in the year 2007 with a pristine purpose of serving IUML to bring all the like minded students to the safe umbrella of IUML, mainly to address of woes, pitfalls, turmoil, social turbulent arising to mass in an amicable way and keeping in mind the peace and amity that our nation India needs. While saying mass, the Students’
Federation also takes all like minded communities to its fold.

One can wonder that what a noble principle these Muslim Students Federation (MSF) has in their stockpile or think-tank, while speaking with these young people, we are able to understand their writing, and oratorical capacities.
Here is beautiful quote from Muslim Students Federation (MSF) Chennai:

“It is one of the frontal organizations under Indian Union Muslim League. But is not a political training group, nor is ladder to climb up in politics; our aim is only to give students a political, social and educational orientation and guide them in the right path”

Notwithstanding these, they ideate more practical, viable and feasible factors what they feel as an objective of bringing the all Muslim student community under the banner and flag of Indian Union Muslim League.

The MSF further states that more than half of the population of India is youths, including students. Thus MSF further feels that these youths  feel a little to concentrate in Indian polity, silently contributing their might  for the nation building  through their social service.

They  vow with the following words,” MSF is trying to draw the attention of the youths (of India) including students towards the political and educational responsibility” While going further to their articulation they want an opportunity to share their thoughts with decision making leaders, and to get their  leadership qualities developed among themselves.

They have multifold deserving healthy objectives and that can be translated to their avid interest, in view that they may come up to the front bench of politics to learn, adhere the best policies from their mentors.

Shanawas,its president says,"India is multi-cultural,multi-ethnic, and multi-linguistic country.There are differences that we cannot end; but we learn from our leaders that how best  we can live peacefully amongst these differences".

Their interesting website is herewith appended:

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