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AIADMK Manifesto Plans For Tamilnadu Assembly Elections 2011

Party Manifesto 2011
1.  Rs.1,000 Per Month For Widows, Senior Peoples And Handicapped Persons
 2.  Rs.3 Lakhs For People Whom Died In War In Army And Police Department
 3.  Number Of Polices Appointed On Silent Areas For Peoples
 4.  Singapore Mono Rail Facility Should Be Planned At Chennai, Madurai, Trichy And Coimbatore
 5.  BPO Companies Across The 150 Villages
 6.  For Handicapped Persons, Government Jobs Should Be Offered Worth 3% By The Government
 7.  Bonus For Government Employees
 8.  Compulsory Tamil Languages In All Courts Over Tamilnadu
 9.  Tamil Language Development For Tamil Courses Even Computer Science Courses And Tamil University Should Develop In       Tamil Language
10. Government Jobs For Tamil Language Courses Employers
11. Solutions For Mullai, Periyaru And Other River Problems
12. Free Facilities For Srilankan Tamilans
13. Jobs, House, Water Facilities And Medicine Facilities For Srilankan Tamilans
14. Rs.10 Lakhs Loans For Helpline Group Worth 25%
15. Rs.15 Lakhs For Transsexual Womens For Business And Their Life
16. Rs.25 Lakhs Loans For Youth Men And Women
17. Free Education And Books For School Childrens
18. Vegetables, Fruits And Agriculture Products At Lesser Cost 


(1) J.Jayalalithaa — Chief Minister, Public,Indian Administrative Service, Indian Police Service, Indian Forest Service, General Administration, District Revenue Officers, Prevention of Corruption, Police, Home.

(2) O.Panneerselvam — Finance

(3) K.A.Sengottaiyan — Agriculture

(4) Natham R.Viswanathan — Electricity, Prohibition and Excise

(5) K.P.Munisamy — Municipal Administration, Rural Development

(6) C.Shanmugavelu — Industries

(7) R.Vaithilingam — Housing and Urban Development         

(8) S.S.Krishnamoorthy — Food

(9) C.Karuppasamy — Animal Husbandary

(10) P.Palaniappan — Higher Education

(11) C.Ve.Shanmugam — School Education

(12) Sellur K.Raju — Cooperation

(13) K.T.Pachamal — Forests

(14) Edappadi K.Palanisamy — Highways and Minor Ports

(15) S.P.Shanmuganathan — HR & CE

(16) K.V.Ramalingam — Public Works

(17) S.P.Velumani — Special Programme Implementation

(18) T.K.M.Chinnayya — Backward Classes

(19) M.C.Sampath — Rural Industries

(20) P.Thangamani — Revenue

(21) G.Senthamizhan — Information

(22) S.Gokula Indira — Commerical Taxes and Registration

(23) Selvi Ramajayam — Social Welfare

(24) B.V.Ramanaa — Handlooms and Textiles

(25) R.B.Udhayakumar — Information and Technology

(26) N.Subramanian — Adi Dravidar and Tribal Welfare

(27) V.Senthil Balaji — Transport

(28) N.Mariyam Pichai — Environment

(29) K.A.Jayapal — Fisheries

(30) E.Subaya — Law, Courts and Prisons

(31) Budhichandhiran — Tourism

(32) S.T.Chellapandian — Labour

(33) Dr.V.S.Vijay — Health

(34) N.R.Sivapathi — Sports and Youth Welfare



1. First Tenure : 1991-1996
(14 May 2001-16 September 2001:O.Panneer Chelvam)
2. Third Tenure : 2002-2006
3. Fourth Tenure : 2011-2016


The AIADMK swept to power in the elections of 1991. Many political observers have ascribed the landslide victory to the anti-incumbent wave arising out of the assassination of Prime Minister Rajive Gandhi by suspected Tamil separatists fighting for a homeland in neighboring Sri Lanka. The ensuing government was accused of large-scale corruption, but Jayalalithaa managed to hold on to power for a full term of five years, after which she lost the next election to the DMK, in 1996. The DMK held power till 2001,

when Jayalalithaa won the next election to become chief minister once again. She has been very vocal in opposing the Liberation Tiger Elam  (LTTE, or Tamil Tigers) since then and has had a wishy-washy political association with Swabramani Swamy. Some AIADMK cadres were accused of being behind the acid-attack on Subramaniam Swamy's acquaintance, Chandralekha, an IAS officer.
In her second term as chief minister, Ms. Jayalalitha avoided the blunders she committed during the first term. However, she was plagued by corruption cases related to her earlier rule and had to sit out of the government for some time. After having been cleared by the courts she became chief minister again.
 She undertook economic reforms and took many popular decisions such as banning of lottery tickets, restricting the liquor and sand quarrying business to government agencies and banning tobacco  product sales near schools and colleges. She also took action against gangsters, trouble makers, and striking government employees, and improved law and order in the state.
_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________OCTOBER 2004 :NOTORIOUS FOREST SANDAL WOOD SMUGLLER VEERAPPAN SHOT DOWN
A great tragedy in Tamilnadu, the state is hit by Tsunami
Jayalalithaa has sent a special task force to the Satyamangalam forests in October 2004 and Sandalwood smuggler Veerappan shot dead.
AIADMK party lost all parliamentary seats to opposition

She sent a special task force to the Satyamangalam Forest forests in October 2004 to hunt down notorious sandalwood smuggler Veerappan. The operation was successful as Veerappan was finally killed by the task force on 18 October 2004.
However, in the Parliamentary elections of 2004, the party lost all their seats to the opposition coalition comprising all major opposition parties in the state.
In the assembly elections of 2006, in spite of media speculations of a hung assembly, the AIADMK was pushed out of power owing to big sweep by the DMK led by M.Karunanishi It managed to hold on to only 61 assembly seats.
2011: Won from home constituency Srirangam.
In the recently concluded 2011 elections, the party won by massive 146 seats making it a single largest party in the state.Only because of Jayalalitha, her ally DMDK became the second largest party leaving DMK to third.
Miss. Jayalalithaa won from her home constituency Srirangam.
AIADMK has spread out and has following in the states of Kerala, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh with official units. The party under the leadership of Dr. Jayalalitha had floated 54 candidates across the state of Kerala in the Assembly elections of 2006, and had contested on its own. Initially AIADMK had made an alliance with Democratic Indira Congress (Karunakaran) led by the former Kerala Chief Minister K. Karunakaran, but decided to go on its own when the latter went with the Congress led United Democratic Front at the last moment, as a result of the mediation talks from the constituents of the UDF. In Karnataka the party had members in the state Assembly. AIADMK has its following in various other places like Mumbai and Delhi. There are also units in various countries where the Tamil population is spread out.
Jayalalitha is intelligent and efficient, but her authoritarian style left with no visible second level leadership or youth faces in her party. In this era of development oriented politics, her party lacks well-known figuresRecently she made an effort to attract youths, by forming "Ilaignar Pasarai", which gained momentum, but her effort was demolished in one stroke, when she asked youths to be patient in a marriage function. Various press articles reported that youth in her party was disappointed by her remarks. She has attacked the DMK over its role in the government's neglect of the economy, ignoring the rising cost of living and further ignoring the increase in political extremism.


YEAR                SEAT CONTESTED                      SEATS WON

1967                   232                                                   51

1971                   201(Cong:O)                                    15

1977                   198                                                    27

1980                    114                                                   31

1984                     73                                                     61

1989                    214                                                    26

1991                      65                                                    60

1996                      64                                                    NIL

2001                     14                                                        7

2006                      48                                                     34

2011                      63                                                       5

Results by pre-poll alliance: TAMIL NADU ASSEMBLY 2011

Source: Election Commission of India (ECI) and Hindu Newspaper]
e •  
Alliance/PartySeats wonChangePopular VoteVote %
AIADMK+ alliance203+13019,084,13951.8%
DMK+ alliance31-12614,529,50139.4%

Jayalalithaa sworn in as Chief Minister; DMK skips ceremony

NDTV Correspondent, Updated: May 16, 2011 15:44 IST

Chennai:  J Jayalalithaa begins her third term as Tamil Nadu's Chief Minister today.  She has been sworn in by Governor SS Barnala along with 33 cabinet ministers at the Madras University.

Her AIADMK and its allies stomped to victory in the state elections, landing 203 of the 234 seats in the Tamil Nadu Assembly.

The DMK and the Congress both skipped the oath-taking ceremony for the new government.  Both parties contested the election jointly, and were hammered, with the DMK delivering one of its worst performances ever, managing barely 22 seats. (Read: Jayalalithaa's council of ministers)

After her oath-taking ceremony, Jayalalithaa is hosting a lunch at the Taj Coromandel in Chennai.  Among her VIP guests are Andhra politician Chandrababu Naidu and Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi.  The Chettinad Chicken Biryani is being highlighted as the day's special on the lunch menu. (Read: Narendra Modi at Jayalalithaa's swearing-in ceremony)
Jayalalithaa's track record has established her as an efficient administrator. Her big challenge will be revamping the state's economy - Tamil Nadu has a debt of over a lakh crore rupees.  And the new Chief Minister announced a slate of freebies in her campaign which will now have to be delivered.

Read more at: http://www.ndtv.com/article/assembly-polls/jayalalithaa-sworn-in-as-chief-minister-dmk-skips-ceremony-106082?cp
video:Courtesy:Star TV