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S.Ayeesha Siddiqua has scored 473 for 500 from Hasanathus Jaria


Muslim Girls Hr.Sec.Ambur:


Hasanathus Jaria Muslim Girls Hr. School, Ambur Vellore Dist


No. of students appeared 259


No of students passed       259  Cent percent pass.





Tamil Nadu SSLC, Matriculation, OSLC, Anglo Indian (10th) examination results will be announced on May 27 2011 (Friday) 10 am.

Tamil Nadu SSLC, Matriculation, OSLC, Anglo Indian (10th) examination results will be announced on May 27 2011 (Friday) 10 am.

8,56,956 Students from 6520 schools wrote the 10th Matric, SSLC, Anglo Indian, OSLC exams in Tamil Nadu

State first  there are totally 5 students who scored  496 marks out of 500.

Tiruvannamalai District Govt Higher Secondary School Girl Minnal Vizhi(496/500)

Athur Thalai Vasal Muthamizh Higer secontary school Girl S.Sangeeth(496/500)
Srivilliputhur Girl Nithya(496/500)
Gobichettipalayam Girl  Ramya(496/500)

Tiruvottiyur Ponneri Student Harini (496/500)

For the state 2rd rank there are totally 10 students who scored 494 marks out of 500.

10th Mertriculation Exams  Erode Bharth Vidhaya Bhavan School Girl Aswini bags first place, she scored 493 out of 500.

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Hazare says Gujarat is a ‘land of scams', more liquor than milk flows in the State

Manas Dasgupta

Volte-face:Senior leader of the India Against Corruption Movement Anna Hazare (centre) is briefed by activist and dancer Mallika Sarabhai as he arrives at the Gujarat Vidhyapith in Ahmedabad on Thursday for a public hearing or ‘Jan Sanvani.'

AHMEDABAD: In a volte-face, social activist Anna Hazare, whose praise for Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi had invited displeasure from his own supporters, on Thursday described the State as a “land of scams” where despite prohibition “more liquor flows than milk.”
                                        — Photo: AFP 

Mr. Hazare, who, along with fellow activists Swami Agnivesh and Arvind Kejriwal, was on a day's visit to the State for an “interaction” with the people to take inputs for the draft Jan Lokpal Bill, said, after talking to people's representatives, that he found a “different Gujarat” from the image he had of the State in his mind.

“After coming here, I have realised there is so much corruption in Gujarat. There is nothing but scams in Gujarat and it is regrettable that in the land of Mahatma Gandhi so much liquor flows, more than even milk, [even] though prohibition is still supposed to be in force,” Mr. Hazare said at a “public hearing” attended by various civil society groups and voluntary organisations at the Gujarat Vidyapith, founded by Gandhiji, here.

The social activist, who, soon after having broken his indefinite fast over the Lokpal Bill last month, had described Mr. Modi as the model of development and advised other Chief Ministers to follow Gujarat's and Bihar's pattern for progress, on Thursday told Mr. Modi to appoint a Lokayukta at the earliest and take steps to stop land scams in the State. He said the State needed to follow the Maharashtra pattern, where any land to be allocated to industries was required to be approved by “gram sabhas” (the village panchayats). “The gram sabhas should be empowered in a way that no transaction pertaining to village land can take place without their permission,” he said, adding that it was the best way to stop land scams. With regard to allegations of forcible acquisition of cultivable lands for industrial purposes by the government, he said the “people's movement for land reforms, to stop forcible acquisition, would be started from Gujarat” once the current move for drafting the Jan Lokpal Bill was over.

Swami Agnivesh said that after having attended the public hearing, which had exposed the “false claims” made by the Modi government regarding development, his outlook had changed. “Gujarat is not vibrant, as shown by Mr. Modi. Gujarat is the land of scams,” he said. The activist said the Modi government was taking the help of American media agencies to project a false picture of the State's development. Mr. Kejriwal cautioned that if the government continued to take lands forcibly, it could lead to civil war.

Besides attending the public hearing, Mr. Hazare and his supporters joined an interactive session with some intellectuals and addressed a public meeting in the city during the day.
Mr. Hazare took the first opportunity to try to correct his public image, which his supporters felt had been damaged by his praise for Mr. Modi's “development policies.” While the convenor of the State unit of his “India Against Corruption” and danseuse Mallika Sarabhai and others, had threatened to dissociate themselves from the movement if Mr. Hazare did not change his opinion, Gujarat Vidyapith vice-chancellor Sudarshan Iyengar had described his comments as “hasty and unwarranted.”

India amongst 20 least peaceful nations in world

Updated on Thursday, May 26, 2011, 17:59

Zeenews Bureau

New Delhi: India is now in the ranking of most dangerous nations, according to the Global Peace Index (GPI) 2011. 

The Global Peace Index tracks 23 indicators, from military spending to crime levels to conflict and disputes with neighbours. 

India’s rank has fallen seven points. The South Asian country now ranks 135 out of 153 countries. With this new ranking, India is amongst the 20 least peaceful nations in the world, along with Pakistan (146) and Afghanistan (150). 
"India's score remains the same on most parameters used to measure peacefulness. Homicide and crime rates in India, too, are a lot lower than many other countries. The fall in rankings is largely due to an increasing perception of criminality in society," an Indian daily cites Steve Killelea, founder of the Global Peace Index, as saying. 

Only three years after its financial meltdown destroyed its banks and prompted some of its first ever riots, Iceland returned to its position at the top of the list as world's most peaceful country by ousting New Zealand. 

Somalia falls to the bottom, replacing Iraq. 

Social unrest is making the world less peaceful for the third year running and economic strains could point to rising risks in China, the GPI noted. 

The Global Peace Index showed economic factors are at the heart of unrest including the "Arab Spring". 

Rising food prices have helped trigger revolts in Egypt, Tunisia and elsewhere, with some leading to serious bloodshed, while austerity measures in Europe have also helped bring protesters on the streets. 

There were some positive trends too. Despite conflict in Ivory Coast and Libya and cross-border tensions between North and South Korea, interstate wars are generally becoming less common and relations among countries are improving. 

Killelea also notes that the key country to watch was China, which could experience violent unrest if the economy slowed in the years ahead. 

Well functioning governments, relatively homogenous societies and equitable distribution of wealth, good secondary education and press freedom were amongst the most important factors in ensuring peace, he said. 

(With Agency’s inputs)

Clinton due today for crucial talks

By Baqir Sajjad Syed | From the Newspaper

ISLAMABAD: Political and military leaders of Pakistan and the United States will sit face-to-face on Friday in an effort to work out fresh ‘rules of engagement’ for salvaging their troubled relationship caused by deep-rooted mistrust and differences over fighting militancy
US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will be joined by Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee Chairman Admiral Michael Mullen at the make-or-break talks with Pakistan’s civilian and military leadership
There appears to be a standoff on the question of unilateral strikes by the US against militants’ hideouts on Pakistani territory. The two countries have publicly taken maximal position on the issue, but Islamabad is likely to persuade Washington to forgo the option of unilateralism which is seen here as humiliating for the country
Both sides have taken positive steps ahead of the talks to improve the atmosphere.
Ms Clinton’s visit comes after deep introspection and a serious reassessment of ties by both sides
Last week Pakistan returned the wreckage of the helicopter which had gone down because of technical problems during the May 2 Abbotabad raid and, more significantly, renewed its resolve to act decisively against terrorists and their hideouts. The Defence Committee of the Cabinet, which met on Wednesday to discuss the weekend attack on Navy’s Mehran base in Karachi, resolved to use all means at the country’s disposal to firmly deal with the problem

On its part, the US started pulling out its troops based in Pakistan largely for training purposes on Pakistan military’s request — something demanded by the army immediately after the embarrassing Abbotabad incident
The visit by US Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Senator John Kerry, who had held icebreaking talks here last week, was followed by two official delegations — one led by Special Envoy for Afghanistan and Pakistan Marc Grossman and the other by CIA Deputy Chief Mark Morrell.

The visits by the two delegations were to lay groundwork for Ms Clinton’s visit and to enable her to have discussions in the “right context and with right understanding”.
Notwithstanding Pakistan’s commitment to going the whole hog against terrorism, Secretary Clinton still appears to be sceptical about the assurances already conveyed to Washington.

Speaking in Paris before embarking on the trip to Islamabad, she said Pakistan had not always acted decisively and that it was time to meet Washington’s “expectations”. In somewhat reassuring words for her hosts in Islamabad, she reiterated US commitment to maintaining strategic relationship with Pakistan.

In Islamabad, which has maintained complete silence about the visit, Prime Minister Gilani met Foreign Secretary Salman Bashir and Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Hina Rabbani Khar to work out the strategy for the discussions
In a statement issued after the meeting, Mr Gilani was quoted as saying: “Pakistan believes in peaceful coexistence and desires to strengthen friendly relations with the global community in the interest of international peace and prosperity.”
He sought international support for Pakistan’s fight against terrorism


Erode (Tamil Nadu) May 27

Two days exposition on Islam was conducted by the alumni of

Al Ameen School, Erode, show casing rare books on Islam, and history of

great Muslims scholars. The event aimed at augmenting global peace, and

inter Faith brotherhood.

The former High Court Judge, Justice Siddique inaugurated the event. Dr.

Hussain Ali, Dr.Abul Hasan, and organizer Mr. Abdullah were amongst the

active participants.

A stall was put up for Erode district “Muslim Woman Aid Society (MWAS)”

Under the secretaryship of Dr.Hussain Ali. The event was attended by a

large gathering.

Professor Dr.Thashreef Jahan’s MOTHER passes away

MADURAI (Tamil Nadu) MAY 27

With heavy heart the family of condole the

demise of MOTHER of Professor Dr. Thashreef Jahan, (Former Principal

Govt.Madurai Meenakshi Women’s College, Madurai).Her mother's

 mournful end came in her home town Madura in in Tamil Nadu.


Madam Prof.Thashreef Jahan, informed that her mother breathed last this

morning around six, and the last rites (Janaza)of her mother is fixed after Isha (Night)

 prayer (27 Friday in Madurai.

The bereft Prof.Dr.Thashreef Jahan may be contacted through her mobile

No. +91-9344 150951, and email "thashreef jahan" <>

Rana wanted top Pakistan military honours for 26/11 attackers

Chicago, May 26: 

Apparently gloating over the mayhem the Pakistani attackers were creating in Mumbai, Tahawwur Rana, a co-accused had proposed that nine of the ten LeT militants who carried out the carnage should be decorated with Pakistan's highest military award, Nishan-e-Haider.

This was stated by David Headley, another prime accused in the Mumbai case in his testimony before the Chicago district court on the third day of the trial of his childhood friend, Rana, a Pakistani Canadian.

Headley said that Rana had told him that nine of the ten Mumbai attackers who died should be given Nishan-e-Haider. The sole exception being Ajmal Kasab, who had been captured by Indian security forces.

Rana, Headley said had also praised Sajid Mir, his Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) handler for the attack on the Chhahbad House calling him Khalid bin Walid, one of the greatest Generals in Islamic history.

Nishan-e-Haider, is Pakistan's highest military decoration given to personnel, regardless of rank, for extraordinary bravery in combat.


10 killed in air ambulance crash near Delhi

Faridabad: An air ambulance carrying a critically ill patient crashed into a residential area atin Faridabad on Wednesday night killing 10 people in all. 

Amidst a pleasant gusty night there was literally a bolt from the blue as tragedy struck within seconds. At 10:45 pm on Wednesday night a nine-seater air ambulance crashed into a house in Sector 22, Faridabad, killing all seven on-board and three on the ground. 

Eyewitnesses also said that a strong gust of wind gave no chance to the aircraft, which lost control and crashed. 

"The crash has happened in a residential area. I saw huge flames coming out of the crash," said Naveen Grover, an eyewitness. 

The air ambulance was hired by Delhi's Apollo Hospital to ferry a critically ill 20-year-old jaundice patient, Rahul Raj, from Patna. 

Expressing shock and grief over the incident, the hospital said, "The air ambulance crash in Faridabad is most unfortunate and tragic. The plane was hired from Air Chartered Services. It was bringing in a patient, his attendant along with two doctors and one male nurse from Patna." 

Faridabad's SDM Pradeep said three persons on ground were among the dead when the P-12 turboprop aircraft belonging to Delhi-based Air Chartered Services India Pvt Limited crashed in Jawaharnagar locality near the IAF station shortly before landing at IGI airport in Delhi. 

Two persons were also injured in the crash. The persons who lost their lives on the ground are believed to be residents of the houses hit by the plane. 

It's not clear what caused the crash, but an engine failure isn't being ruled out. 

According to Delhi airport sources, the airplane lost control and nosedived from a height of about 8,000 feet fifteen minutes before landing. There was a strong gusty wind due to a dust storm at the time of the crash. 

The plane caught fire as soon as it crashed on two houses sending up plumes of smoke. 

Besides the two pilots, two doctors and two medical attendants accompanying the patient were on board the ill-fated aircraft. The plane was piloted by Harpreet with Manjeet Kataria as the co-pilot. 

Dr Arshad and Dr Rajesh were the doctors while Ratnesh Kumar and Shiril the medical attendants. 

The bodies of all the 10 victims were charred beyond recognition, according to Faridabad Police Commissioner PK Agarwal. The plane had taken off at 9.30 am. 

Twenty-five fire tenders were rushed to the crash site and the blaze on the house, which caught fire, was brought under control nearly two hours after the mishap. 

While reeking of air turbine fuel from the area could have been a potential hazard, the police said handling curious on lookers was the biggest challenge. 

"We are doing the exercise. The DGCA authorities have also come, so jointly we are doing an exercise and forensic team will also come...that is why we are requesting people not to come close to the site," said Faridabad Police Commissioner PK Aggarwal. 

Officials of DGCA and Civil Aviation Ministry were also reached the crash site. 

"This is a PC 1211 aircraft. This is a single engine small aircraft," said DGCA Joint Director Ashok Saran. "It was a new aircraft," he added. 

While the area has been cordoned off, questions rising on whether gusty winds were the only reason why the aircraft crashed - why was it flying so low in any case? A DGCA appointed team will submit a report within three months. 

'Can't meet Sonia when Kanimozhi in jail'


Chennai, May 26 : Former Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M Karunanidhi said he did not meet Congress president Sonia Gandhi during his recent Delhi visit as he thought it won't be right to do so when his daughter Kanimizhi is in jail.

“I had an opportunity to meet Sonia Gandhi. But I didn’t meet her because I thought it won’t be right to do so when my daughter is in jail,” Karunanidhi said here.

Kanimozhi was sent to jail by a Delhi special court on Friday last in the 2G case as a co-conspirator and for the role of her family owned Kalaignar TV, in which she is a stakeholder, in receiving the scam money.

She moved the Delhi High Court for her bail while on Monday her father and Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK) chief M Karunanidhi met her at Tihar Jail here in a family reunion at an unlikely place.

The 87-year-old former Tamil Nadu chief minister met his youngest daughter Kanimozhi at the Superintendent's office in Tihar jail around 5.30 pm.

“We cried…my father was upset,” Kanimozhi said on meeting with Karunanidhi.

Kanimozhi’s mother Rajathi Ammal, her husband Aravindan and DMK Parlimentary Party leader T.R. Baalu accompanied the DMK chief.

On Tuesday, MK Stalin, Kanimozhi's half-brother and a DMK leader, met her in court.

This is the first time Karunanidhi met Kanimozhi after her arrest in connection with the 2G spectrum allocation scam.

Karunanidhi termed his visit to the capital as ‘strictly a personal one’ and hence did not even meet Sonia Gandhi, whom he meets whenever he is in New Delhi, ever since DMK entered alliance with the Congress in 2004.

Besides Kanimozhi, Kalaignar TV Managing Director Sharad Kumar had also on Monday appealed in the Delhi High Court for their bail in connection to the 2G spectrum allocation scam.

Kanimozhi is a stake holder in the Kalaignar TV, which is allegedly one of the beneficiaries of the 2G scam money. She has been chargesheeted as the controlling mind behind the TV company by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI).

Justice OP Saini of the special court earlier said bail was dismissed "due to the magnitude of the crime and the nature and enormity of the allegations" which forced him not to show any consideration to her despite she being a woman with a very dignified conduct in the court.

The court in its 144-page order arguing against a bail held that since most of the witnesses against Kanimozhi are the employees of Kalaignar TV there is a possibility of their being influenced.

The CBI has chargesheeted Kanimozhi as a co-conspirator in the scam and for allegedly accepting a Rs 214 crore bribe in the 2G spectrum allocation scandal that saw her party colleague and former Telecom Minister A Raja going to Tihar jail.

The DMK lost heavily the elections in Tamil Nadu this month.

Kanimozhi has been charged with section 7 and 11 of the Prevention of Corruption Act. .

Kanimozhi also has to face the Enforcement Directorate (ED) for money laundering allegations.

The ED has indicted Kanimozhi under the Prevention of Money Laundering Act (PMLA).

Sibal lauds Gujarat's senior cop for speaking out

By Indo Asian News Service | IANS – 21 hours ago

Ahmedabad, May 25 (IANS)

Union Human Resource Minister Kapil Sibal Wednesday praised Gujarat's senior police officer Sanjeev Bhatt     without directly naming him.

The courage shown by a police officer in revealing details about what transpired during the 2002 communal riots in the state showed that the soul of India is not dead, Sibal told reporters here.
Bhatt has been appearing before the Nanavati Commission, which is probing the riots. His statements against Chief Minister Narendra Modi and some of his colleagues in the police had created a major controversy.
Sibal said that the process of justice for the 2002 riot victims has been painfully slow.
He said he was pained at the lack of urgency and sensitivity in which the cases are being dealt.
'While constituting the Nanavati Commission to probe the riots, the Bharatiya Janata Party had said that its report would be available in four months. Nine years later, it is yet to submit the report,' Sibal added.