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Willpower and Self Discipline

By Remez Sasson

Discover the key to self-confidence, assertiveness, decisiveness and perseverance

WillPower and Self DisciplineLearn how to overcome weakness, laziness, negative habits and indecisiveness, and be in control of yourself and your life.
Learn how to gain self-mastery, inner power and inner strength.
Develop assertiveness, and the firmness and resoluteness to say "no" to people when you mean it.
Develop the inner strength and perseverance required for carrying out decisions and following them through.
Gain the inner strength and discipline to change and improve your habits.
Willpower and Self Discipline is a book that offers you a complete program for developing willpower, self discipline and inner strength, with all the information, advice, instructions and exercises you need.

Every worthwhile accomplishment requires willpower and self discipline!
Are you willing and ready to develop these skills? There is a lot of confusion and lack of undersanding about these skills and powers. Here is a book that will dispel the confusion, and provide the understanding, the way and the techniques to develop them.
Willpower and self-discipline are the ultimate keys to achieving any goal and realizing any dream. They are of great importance for losing weight, bodybuilding, sports, improving relationships, overcoming addictions, building positive habits and for building wealth.
You also need them for making progress in meditation, yoga, self-improvement and spiritual growth, and for developing inner strength and concentration.
These skills make it easier to handle the daily affairs of life, become more efficient, and to follow through with your decisions and resolutions.
Every exercise you practice adds to the reservoir of your willpower and self discipline, which become available to you to use whenever you need them.
The power and inner strength you gain by practicing each exercise is stored within you, just like electricity stored in a battery, ready to be used to whatever purpose.
Within minutes from now, you can start reading an unusual book, which will guide and teach you highly effective methods and techniques for developing strong willpower and self discipline. You will find extensive information and help, clear, precise instructions, and practical result producing exercises.
Most of the exercises in this book can be practiced wherever you are, at anytime, and do not require special preparations, time, place or conditions. You can always find the time and place to practice them, as they take advantage and use the circumstances and situations of your daily life. The exercises are simple, in the sense of not being complicated, and can be practiced by everyone, irrespective of their lifestyle, not only by ascetics or yogis living on the Himalayas or in far away places, as some people might erroneously think.
You can integrate the exercises into your daily life in a natural way, without setting apart special times for practice, and without interfering and disturbing your day-today life.
You will learn how to:
Develop willpower and self discipline, which you will be able to use whenever you need them, and for every purpose.

Exercise control over your reactions, instead of reacting automatically. This will enable you to react to people and situations without anger, resentment or negative feelings.

Become stronger, and learn to say 'no' to people you try to exploit or manipulate you.

Increase your inner strength and stamina.

Gain self mastery and control.

Stop being a procrastinator, overcome laziness and develop perseverance.

Handle your daily affairs of life in a more efficient way.

Achieve greater success in your job, career, business, sports, study or relationships.

Boost your self confidence, self esteem and assertiveness.

Overcome shyness, fears, laziness, feelings of incompetence and weakness.

Stop wishing to be strong! Start being strong and more resolute now!

Learn to overcome negative habits and gain new positive habits.

It doesn't matter whether you are young or old, strong or weak, you can reach higher levels of inner power with this practical method of training. The development of willpower and self-discipline will certainly improve your life and give you more control.
A complete training program, with effective techniques, exercises and instructions for developing willpower and self discipline.

Remez Sasson, the author of this book, presents this most important subject in a clear, lucid and straightforward manner. He offers practical advice, explanations, instructions and simple, but effective exercises to develop and strengthen your willpower and self-discipline in a systematic and gradual way.
He introduces unique and practical exercises that are suitable for everyone, and which can be practiced everywhere, at anytime. Most of the exercises don't even require setting any special times for their performance. The greatness of the techniques presented in this book is that they can be practiced throughout the day, without interfering with your daily life and activities.
Remez Sasson has written this book after years of practical study of this subject and other inner development techniques. He knows, and is certain that the exercises and methods presented in this book work, provided you follow and practice them earnestly.
Follow the instructions and practice the exercises, and you will put an end to indecisiveness, weakness, laziness, procrastination and lack of drive.
Read about Remez Sasson, the author of the book.

Iraqis demand end to American occupation

BAGHDAD : Tens of thousands of demonstrators on Saturday took to the streets of Baghad to mark the eighth anniversary of the U.S. invasion of Iraq  and demand the departure of the American troops, Aswat al-Iraq newsagency reported

Protesters, mainly followers of the Shiite Sadrist Leader Muqtada al-Sadr, carried Iraqi flags and raised slogans condemning the U.S. forces presence in the country. The prominent cleric al-Sadr is one of the most vocal critics of the U.S. occupation of Iraq.

"The slogans of the demonstration are concentrating on the demands for the departure of the U.S. occupation forces from Iraq and a call on the Iraqi government to put an end for the foreign presence of those forces and the non-renewal of their existence in Iraq," al-Sadr's media spokesman told Aswat al-Iraq news agency.

Hazim al-Aaraji said during his reading of Sadr's statement before the demonstrators that the leader has called for an open sit-in demonstration to force the American forces to leave Iraq by the end of this year.

Passenger buses  coming from different southern Iraqi provinces were seen entering Baghdad carrying tens of thousands of demonstrators. A curfew on vehicles was imposed to prevent any movement around the venue of the demonstration.

The Mahdi Army, formed by al-Sadr in 2003, was involved in clashes with U.S. forces. It suspended its activities in 2007, bringing a significant decline in violence.

According to a security agreement between Baghdad and Washington, all U.S. forces will be withdrawn by the end of 2011. Less than 50,000 US troops remain in Iraq, eight years since since the U.S.-led war began March 20, 2003.
--BNO News

Abusing women is un-Islamic: Saudi mufti

Grand Mufti Sheikh Abdul Aziz ibn Abdullah Al-Asheikh

JEDDAH: Grand Mufti Sheikh Abdul Aziz Al-Asheikh has strongly warned against maltreating women in any form and said this is totally against Islam.

In his Friday sermon at Imam Turki bin Abdullah Mosque in Riyadh, the mufti said only bad people treat women badly.

"The psychological or physical abuse of wives, daughters and sisters is against the Islamic Shariah and the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)," he said.
Al-Asheikh warned husbands and fathers who take the salaries of their wives and daughters that they are committing anti-Islamic acts.

"The fathers who make it a condition to have their daughters' salaries before they give their consent for marriage are equally wrong. Husbands who force their working wives to share in home expenses are committing erroneous acts. Islam made it the responsibility of the man to spend on the house," he told the worshippers.

The mufti also said it is haram (forbidden in Islam) when husbands ask their wives who request divorce to return the dowry before they consent to divorce. He also said burdening women with bank loans and letting them suffer the payment of installments is equally haram.

The mufti said polygamy, which is allowed by Islam under the condition of being just and fair, is not a loose right. "The first wife should have all her rights," he said.

He also warned against relying on matchmakers who draw a bright picture of the groom who may turn out in the end to be an unethical and irresponsible man.

"Matchmakers should convey a true picture of the groom and the bride," he said.

The mufti asked people to make the Prophet a role model in his treatment of women, citing a number of Hadiths that the Prophet never maltreated women.

"The Prophet was completely refined in the treatment of his wives, daughter and other Muslim women," he said.

The Prophet has said: "The best of you are the best to their wives; and I am the best to my wives."

The Ministry of Social Affairs has toll free telephone numbers in several cities and towns for women to report cases of violence against them.

Tamil Nadu a model state: Manmohan Singh

2011-04-09 21:40:00
Last Updated: 2011-04-10 01:05:58

Coimbatore: Prime Minister Manmohan Singh Saturday said Tamil Nadu has become a model state in the country under the leadership of Chief Minister M. Karunanidhi, who heads the DMK.

'Under the visionary leadership of the 'Kalaignar' (scholar of arts - as Karunanidhi is popularly described), Tamil Nadu has become a model state for others,' the prime minister saaid.

'For the past five years, the Congress at the centre and the DMK at the state worked together for rapid development of the state and the country,' Singh said.

The prime minister was addressing at an election rally here, around 500 km from the state capital Chennai.

Praising the rich tradition and the culture of the Tamil civilisation, Singh said the central government accorded the Tamil the classical language status fulfilling the 150-year-long aspiration of the state's people.

Referring to the central schemes implemented in the state, the prime minister said unprecedented expansion and modernisation work has been undertaken on the national highways sector.

He also referred to the other major centrally aided projects in Tamil nadu.

Singh assured the people that the Sethusamudram Canal Project will be implemented in the state after clearing the legal hurdles.

Expressing concern over the problems faced by the dyeing units in Tirupur and the textile units in the state, he said the Rs.25,000 crore Textile Upgradation Fund will help the weavers to a large extent.

Declaring that the Congress and its allies are alive to the problems of the common man, the prime minister said the country cannot progress if all the sections of the society do not move ahead together.

He said the United Progressive Alliance government is sensitive to the concerns of the socially and economically disadvantaged groups like the Dalits, minorities, women and the children.

He also said that the government is committed to implement reservation for women in the Lok Sabha and cited the reservation for them at the local body level.
Referring to a report of eminent economists that ranked Tamil Nadu as the number one state in the country, Singh appealed to the voters to elect the Congress-DMK combine to take the state to further heights.

The Congress is contesting 63 seats as part of the DMK-led alliance in the April 13 assembly elections in the state.

Final phase of Assam polls set to see close contest

Supratim Dey  | 2011-04-10 00:10:00 

Sunshine and rains greeted voters in different parts of the 13 distri...
Guwahati: Around 97,000 voters will decide the fate of 496 candidates in the second and final phase of the assembly polls in Assam on April 11.
Tarun Gogoi’s Cabinet colleagues - Himanta Biswa Sarma, Rockybul Hussain, Akon Bora, Pramila Rani Brahma, Chandan Brahma, and Bhumidhar Barman - are in the fray in the second phase of the polls. Pradesh Congress president Bhubaneswar Kalita, who is a Rajya Sabha MP from Assam, is also contesting the polls.

Asom Gana Parishad (AGP) heavyweights who will try their luck in the polls are party president Chandra Mohan Patowary, two-time chief minister Prafulla Kumar Mahanta, Phani Bhusan Chowdhury and Keshab Mahanta.
Among the constituencies that are set to witness a tough battle on April 11 is the prestigious Dispur constituency in Guwahati as senior AGP leader Atul Bora is pitted against social welfare minister Akon Bora.
Samaguri constituency, in central Assam, too will witness a bitter fight as it is Prafulla Kumar Mahanta versus Rockybul

India United Democratic Front (AIUDF), which champions the cause of Muslims, might upset the prospects of the Congress party in the Muslim-dominated districts of Dubri, Goalpara, Barpeta, Nalbari, Nagaon and Morigaon. Barring three Barak Valley districts of Hailakandi, Cachar and Karimgangj, the AIUDF has a limited support base in the districts that went to polls in the first phase.

The AIUDF, which was formed in 2006 and surprisingly won 10 seats in the 2006 assembly elections, is hopeful to increase its tally this time and play a dominant role in government formation in Dispur. The party had said recently that, if circumstance arose, it would shed its anti-Congress stand and support a “secular” government even if headed by the Congress party.

The recent declaration of the Bodoland People’s Front (BPF), which is an alliance partner in the Gogoi government (the Congress has 53 seats in the outgoing assembly), that it would not hesitate to lend its support to a non-Congress government post elections, too is keeping the Congress jittery. The BPF has also made its position clear that the party might come to the rescue of Congress only if Tarun Gogoi leads the party again. Rumours are rife in Congress circles that state party president Bhubaneswar Kalita too is vying for the top post, should the Congress form the government.

The Congress party, knowing that the outcome of the elections might not be as favourable as being hoped, is keeping both the AIUDF and BPF in good humour. Gogoi, who once dared Ajmal by his remark – “who is Ajmal?” – said on April 6 that he would be happy if AIUDF supports Congress in government formation. The fine-tuning of Gogoi comes at a time when there appears a possibility of an AGP-BJP combine forming the government in Dispur with the support of other smaller parties.

The BJP, which has been buoyant in Assam since the 2009 Lok Sabha polls, when it won four seats out of the eight it contested, expects to improve its tally from the present 10 seats in the next assembly and form a non-Congress and non-AIUDF government. Though the AGP and BJP had a pre-poll alliance promise for the 2011 polls, the former reneged as the alliance in 2009 Lok Sabha polls did not translate into votes for the regional party.

However, both the parties have made it clear that if need be, they would go for a post-poll alliance.

Despite Gogoi predicting a wash-out for the BJP in the polls, the steady and rapid rise of the BJP has been a worrying factor for the Congress as could be gauged from the fact that Gogoi, during his electioneering, had chosen to attack the BJP more scathingly than the AGP.

The regional party, which had fared badly in the 2006 polls and won just 24 out of 126 seats, hopes to present a better performance this time as former chief minister Prafulla Mahanta is back in the AGP. In 2006, Mahanta had contested under the banner of AGP (Pragatisheel), after being ousted from the party.

If 2006 was a fight between the Congress and the AGP, there are two new entrants in the battlefield this time around, the BJP and AIUDF, of which, at least one is expected to play a role in the next government formation. If BJP and AIUDF stand to be gainers in the elections, it would be interesting to see which party or parties will lose seats to them.

If the Congress makes it to Dispur, it would be the first party to win three consecutive terms post Emergency.

Tens of millions in 'lost' cash found

Sunday, April 10, 2011

SENDAI (Kyodo) Rescue workers and citizens have turned in to authorities tens of millions of yen in cash found in the rubble-strewn tsunami-hit areas of the Tohoku region, police said Saturday.

News photo
Someone's: A police officer checks a bag with cash and belongings found in the tsunami debris on April 2. KYODO PHOTO
While police and local governments are pessimistic about finding the original owners, unless the money was found with some form of identification, survivors are calling on authorities to use it to help in the reconstruction of the ravaged areas.

Under law, people who find money can keep it if the original owners do not come forward within the three-month custodial period. When people who find it give up their claim or fail to show up to receive it within two months after the expiration of the period, ownership will be transferred to prefectural governments or the owners of the property where the money was found.

According to the police in Iwate and Miyagi prefectures, police stations receive everyday on average several hundred items, containing cash.

Miyagi police said money has only been returned to the owners in less than 10 percent of the cases. A senior officer said, "It is impossible to return cash unless it is found inside a wallet together with an ID."

Shigeko Sasaki, 64, who is currently living in a shelter in Minamisanriku, Miyagi Prefecture, said, "I want anybody picking up money to donate it to disaster-hit areas instead of keeping it for themselves."

Kenji Sato, 65, in Onagawa, also in Miyagi, said it is acceptable for people who find money and report it to the police to eventually keep it "because it means they have good will."

Takehiko Yamamura, head of the Disaster Prevention System Institute, urged authorities to set new measures to handle the matter, such as extending the three-month holding period and special permission to open a safe to determine the owner.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Evacuees begin moving into Akasaka Prince

Kyodo News
Evacuees from last month's earthquake and tsunami began moving into the Akasaka Prince on Saturday to take advantage of a temporary relief program run by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.
News photo
Helping out: Evacuees from Fukushima Prefecture check into the old Grand Prince Hotel Akasaka, which opened its doors Saturday as a temporary shelter until the end of June. KYODO PHOTO
The upscale, bubble-era hotel, which is to be razed this summer, is taking in some 360 people from 138 households mostly from Fukushima Prefecture who were displaced by the disaster and nuclear crisis, government officials said.
The program allows them to use the guest rooms in the Grand Prince Hotel Akasaka for free until the end of June.
"I'm feeling anxious as I don't know what'll happen in the future, but I feel grateful that I can sleep on a futon," said Shoichi Ono, 43, an evacuee from Iwaki, Fukushima Prefecture.
While the iconic hotel's usual guest services, including room cleaning, won't be available, the metro government is shouldering some ¥200 million of the costs for the gesture, including meals, personnel and utility expenses.
Among those eligible to stay are 300 Fukushima households that failed to win a drawing last month for the right to rent municipal-owned apartments in the prefecture, and 150 others who are tentatively sheltering elsewhere in Tokyo.

Anna Hazare says his struggle against corruption will continue

New Delhi, Apr 9: Welcoming the Central government's move to accept public demands for the formulation of Lok Pal Bill, social activist Anna Hazare on Saturday assertedthat his struggle against corruption would continue.

The Gandhian activist said this in New Delhi after he broke his 98-hour fast by drinking juice.

He gave up his indefinite hunger strike after the Central government gave the assurance of setting up a committee comprising civil society and elected representatives to draft the law.

Addressing a huge gathering of supporters, Hazare said that though the hunger strike had been a success, there was still a lot more to be done.

“Our responsibility has increased. We have to now carry out a long journey before corruption is eradicated from this country. We have to march on for true independence,” Hazare said.

Expressing his gratitude to the people, a visibly elated Hazare urged them to continue their support for the movement till the Bill is formally enacted in right earnest.

“If need be, we will again carry out a campaign when the group of ministers discusses the Bill. If the group of ministers approves the Bill, it would be tabled before the lawmakers in the parliament. If the Bill meets with any obstacle there, all of us would protest in front of the parliament with Indian flags on our shoulders,” Hazare said.

Spearheaded by Hazare, the nationwide movement for the formulation of the Bill had steadily gained momentum among the masses, with supporters from various parts of the country converging in New Delhi to espouse the crusader’s cause.

The veteran activist also called for nationwide electoral reforms, stressing on the need of the voters’ to have the novel ‘Right to Rrecall’ and ‘Right to Not Vote’.

“Suppose there are ten candidates who contest an election from a constituency. If the voter believes that all of them are dishonest or corrupt, he should ask the authorities, whom should I vote for? In such a case, there must be an eleventh option, which says ‘dislike all’. If the majority of voters do not like any candidate in a constituency, then the election would be considered null and void. It would have to take place again with new candidates,” Hazare said.

Though the Central government had repeatedly appealed to the veteran activist to end his hunger strike, Hazare refused to relent, even as he continued to attract concerned citizens from all walks of life towards his struggle.

The movement also saw the rise of the youth across India, who stirred the flame of the struggle through active participation.

Lauding the spirit of the youth, Hazare called their unity a ‘ray of hope’ for a better India.

“I would like to specially thank the youth of this country, who participated in this movement in large numbers. The rise of youth power across India is a ray of hope for the nation. Youth power is a symbol of national strength. If youth rise for a cause, then the future of India will be bright,” Hazare said.

Meanwhile, hailing the power of the media, Hazare said that the fourth pillar of democracy had played a major role in strengthening his struggle.

“The media is the fourth pillar of our democracy. The effective role played by the media in this movement shows how changes can be brought if the fourth pillar is strong. The media has shown this to the country. It has shown its true power in this movement,” Hazare said.

The Lok Pal Bill, drafted by social activists, stipulates that probe in any graft case will have to be completed in one year, and punishment would be a jail term of minimum five years and maximum for life.

The bill awaits a select parliamentary committee’s nod of approval and provides for filing complaints of corruption against the Prime Minister, Ministers and lawmakers

Our Prime Minister is alert, sensitive and bold : Pranab Mukherjee to Jayalaltihaa

 Chennai, Apr 9:

Senior Congress leader and Union Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee today dismissed AIADMK Supremo J Jayalaltihaa's critical remarks against the Prime Minister and said Dr Manmohan Singh is ''alert, sensitive and bold''.

When asked about Ms Jayalalithaa's remarks that the Prime Minister was silent, not able to act, weak and ineffectual, Mr Pranab said ''it is not correct.'' ''Our Prime Minister takes decisions, is alert, sensitive and bold,'' he told reporters here, on Ms Jayalalithaa's remarks that the country needed a strong Prime Minister.

Ms Jayalalithaa had told a private channel during campaigning that she supported social activist Anna Hazare's demand for a Jan Lokpal Bill and said ''beyond that we need a strong government at the Centre and Prime Minister to implement the bill and wipe out corruption.'' Calling Manmohan Singh a silent, unable to act, weak and ineffectual, Ms Jayalalitha said, ''as long as we have a Prime Minister like this, the Jan Lokpal Bill would be of no use.'' The AIADMK supremo said the county needed a strong Prime Minister who should be willing, determined and capable of enforcing law to wipe out corruption.


Stand with Anna Hazare: Victory!

We won!!! After a massive and unprecedented outpouring of public pressure, the government has given in and met all of Anna Hazare's demands!!

Over 500,000 of us signed the petition for the jan lokpal bill in the final 36 hours! The petition was widely covered in the national press as evidence that the anti-corruption movement was growing like wildfire across the nation.

This is just the beginning -- there will be more chances for corrupt politicians to stop this bill -- but if we stick together, we can make this the beginning of the end for the poisonous culture of corruption that stifles this nation. Let's take this moment to celebrate together, thank each other, and share thoughts for all the possibilities of the road ahead. Post a comment on the right and join the victory live chat of our entire community:

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