Sunday, March 13, 2011

Japan earthquake and tsunami: President Barack Obama speaks of potential 'catastrophic' disaster

Sunday 13th. March,2011:7:08am

President Barack Obama says the earthquake and tsunami in Japan are a potentially "catastrophic" disaster, and he says his thoughts and prayers are with the Japanese people.
He told a White House news conference the US is prepared to send whatever assistance Japan requests.
He says one aircraft carrier is already in Japan and another is on its way.Tsunami waves have also swamped Hawaii beaches and brushed the US west coast.
Obama says that his administration is monitoring the impact of the tsunami on the US closely.
He told residents to take warnings from local officials seriously and evacuate if told to do so.

Journalist dies in rail mishap

Updated MRCH 12.2011: 19:00

Chennai: A journalist of an English news daily died after he slipped while trying to get down from a moving train here, police said on Saturday. 

The 29-year-old journalist was working with the 'Deccan Chronicle' in Erode and was on his way to Chennai here late last night when the mishap occurred, they said.
The incident occurred at Villivakkam railway station, they said.

He is survived by his wife, sister, father and mother. 


No decision reached yet on Cong constituencies

Saturday March 12,2011 :22:38
Chennai: The talks to identify the seats to be contested by Congress in alliance with DMK for Tamil Nadu assembly polls remained inconclusive today with the 5-member Congress committee, supposed to wrap up the deal, not turning up at the ruling party headquarters on Saturday. 

Four round of talks held in the past two days remained inconclusive.
Congress sources said the talks could not be completed as there were differences over some constituencies. 

While Congress would get the 48 seats it had contested in the last elections, discussions were on to decide the remaining 15 seats, the sources said.

The DMK election committee panel headed by Deputy Chief Minister M K Stalin was busy since morning conducting interviews with the party's prospective candidates for the fifth consecutive day. 



By Shafee Ahmed Ko

Mercy killing known also as Euthanasia sounds some thing like “Asia”, but it relates to most painful and enigmatic question for the terminally ill patients, be it cancer, AIDS, accidental or traumatic coma, and innumerable incurable diseases, waiting for the end to come but the end is not so easy but quite painful:
What is the meaning of Euthanasia? It is an ancient Greek word literally to mean “Good Death”.

The children, old women and men afflicted with cancer diseases undergo enormous excruciating pain in every part of the body, bones; muscles so on and so forth. Can we describe pain? No! Nevertheless, a piece of note could be seen what actually the pain is!

“Acute pains, unpleasant,unbearable and inexplainable by words, causes pathetic emotions . For example, in a cancer patient, a sudden exacerbation of pain is a reminder of the disease, which can lead to  negative emotions. 

The quality of life, in such serious critical conditions, is bleak, caregivers stress is insurmountable, and the only prayer is that “DEATH” should embrace the patient in good grace for an eternal peaceful abode.

In such a situation, if the death is not imminent but sure, the question arises why not the patient is artificially be induced for a death, of course medically.

The borderline answer is that in God’s creation,” no person has the right to kill others, s/he, including the born or unborn”.

Mercy Killing is legally punishable and religiously a sin however worst may be the condition of the patient. In addition, doctors are afraid to openly discuss to end ones life because of legal constraints. 

In contrary to noble thoughts that life is precious whatever worst form it may lie, there is a horrific history of holocaust in “mercy killing” in Hitler’s Nazi Regime.

Hitler never wanted a single mentally or physically disabled child, woman or man, and   executed them mercilessly, in hundreds and thousands. This  operation was notoriously called as T4. He is the one who invented the word euthanasia,  used it in deliberate imprudence and there was a  child as the first victim to his horrific invention.

To study the efficacy, and need to prevent euthanasia, some authentic sources are relevant.
.” Currently there are cases of misusing of euthanasia, for example  cases where the care givers   force the patient to  consent for an artificial death.

As far as India is concerned, most mothers  have a disliking for female child. A simple scan if reveals a viable female fetus, and they are perturbed, and run for abortion, seeking illegal abortion clinics.If such clinics are remote, they end in the hands of quacks to imperil the life both of mother and unborn child.

Sensing this stupidity, every medical center bears a statuary warning that the physicians concerned will not reveal the gender in pregnancy to the patient, and the family concerned.

The Netherlands and Belgium are  the only two countries who openly legalize euthanasia according to  Alan G. Williams JD, Reviewer Physicians Medical Legal Prevention, LLC, as detailed in JAMA (Journal of American Medical Association).

Countries allowing practicing euthanasia are as under:

Non-active euthanasia, or assisted suicide, is legal in three  states in
the U.S.A




New Hampshire is currently considering a bill on assisted suicide.

Active euthanasia, commonly referred as euthanasia, is  legal in
The Netherlands, and  Belgium.

Assisted suicide is also legal in:



The question most important is, whether the too terminally ill, with the pain which cannot be described by words, should they live waiting for the death to grace, or can euthanasia be legally permitted.

In India the TV show “Doctor NDTV Opinion poll”, people  voted 67% in favor of euthanasia and 33% in disfavor. Nevertheless, majority of the countries are not in favor of euthanasia.

Can God tell us,"Wait until I send a noble call?"

Blast at Japanese nuclear plant

UPDATED  12/3/2011 2:36:10 PM

Tokyo: A Japanese nuclear power plant exploded today, triggering a 'nationwide atomic alert' in the country already reeling under the impact of giant tidal waves caused by a massive earthquake which has left 1600 people dead or unaccounted for.

The main reactor at Fukushima nuclear plant in northern Japan, 250 kilometres north of Tokyo, exploded this afternoon leading to radiation leaks injuring four people as the authorities told 45,000 residents living within a 10-km radius of the leaking plant to evacuate their homes, Kyodo news agency reported.

"The plant is experiencing a nuclear meltdown," Japanese nuclear scientists confirmed, after Prime Minister Naoto Kan visited the site in a helicopter early today.

Reports said the main building of the plant housing the reactor as well as the outer walls were blown away in the high intensity explosion which occurred at 3.30 pm local time (1200 IST) as the cooling water levels dropped alarmingly through evaporation after the quake had damaged the main plant. "The loss of cooling water is leading to a meltdown of the reactor," Jiji Press reported.

TV footage showed smoke billowing from the site and reported that the reactor building had been destroyed. the channels and public broadcasters warned nearby residents to turn off air conditioners and not to drink tap water. People going outside were told to avoid exposing their skins and to cover faces with masks and wet towels. Kyodo quoting police said that another nuclear plant adjacent to the one which exploded was also malfunctioning with the radiation level reaching almost 1000 times the normal level.

The agency said the damage caused by Friday's catastrophic earthquake in Japan expanded today, with the combined number of people who died or are unaccounted for feared to top 1,600. The Tokyo fire department send specialised 'hyper rescue teams' to the exploded nuclear plants. (PTI)