Sunday, April 10, 2011

Stand with Anna Hazare: Victory!

We won!!! After a massive and unprecedented outpouring of public pressure, the government has given in and met all of Anna Hazare's demands!!

Over 500,000 of us signed the petition for the jan lokpal bill in the final 36 hours! The petition was widely covered in the national press as evidence that the anti-corruption movement was growing like wildfire across the nation.

This is just the beginning -- there will be more chances for corrupt politicians to stop this bill -- but if we stick together, we can make this the beginning of the end for the poisonous culture of corruption that stifles this nation. Let's take this moment to celebrate together, thank each other, and share thoughts for all the possibilities of the road ahead. Post a comment on the right and join the victory live chat of our entire community:

The Hindu says Avaaz petition "gathering steam" in support for Hazare:

The Government agrees to Anna Hazare's demands:

Social media support pours in for anti-corruption crusader Hazare in India:

Anna Hazare -- "this is a big victory for the people":

Avaaz petition helped grow the movement and pressure the Government: 


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