Tuesday, May 17, 2011

AIADMK Manifesto Plans For Tamilnadu Assembly Elections 2011

Party Manifesto 2011
1.  Rs.1,000 Per Month For Widows, Senior Peoples And Handicapped Persons
 2.  Rs.3 Lakhs For People Whom Died In War In Army And Police Department
 3.  Number Of Polices Appointed On Silent Areas For Peoples
 4.  Singapore Mono Rail Facility Should Be Planned At Chennai, Madurai, Trichy And Coimbatore
 5.  BPO Companies Across The 150 Villages
 6.  For Handicapped Persons, Government Jobs Should Be Offered Worth 3% By The Government
 7.  Bonus For Government Employees
 8.  Compulsory Tamil Languages In All Courts Over Tamilnadu
 9.  Tamil Language Development For Tamil Courses Even Computer Science Courses And Tamil University Should Develop In       Tamil Language
10. Government Jobs For Tamil Language Courses Employers
11. Solutions For Mullai, Periyaru And Other River Problems
12. Free Facilities For Srilankan Tamilans
13. Jobs, House, Water Facilities And Medicine Facilities For Srilankan Tamilans
14. Rs.10 Lakhs Loans For Helpline Group Worth 25%
15. Rs.15 Lakhs For Transsexual Womens For Business And Their Life
16. Rs.25 Lakhs Loans For Youth Men And Women
17. Free Education And Books For School Childrens
18. Vegetables, Fruits And Agriculture Products At Lesser Cost 

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