Monday, March 21, 2011

‘Will draw on my experiences in UAE’ ABDUL RAHMAN MP(VELLORE) IN DUBAI

Newly elected Member of Parliament from Vellore AbdulRahman called on Consul General of India in Dubai Venu Rajamony just after the recent general elections. Hesaid he would focus on improving education, health and business development infrastructure in his constituency. Rahman, who belongs to the Indian Union Muslim League, spent the last 33 years in the UAE, working in the IT department of the Dubai Islamic Bank. He was also active in the Indian community, distinguishing himselfthroughvarious social service projects.

Speaking to India Matters, he recounted his early days, when he arrived in 1982 to work with Gray Mackenzie Engineering Services in Dubai. After two years, he joined the Dubai Islamic Bank, where he remained
for the next three decades.

During that time, he became part of the Indian Muslim Association (IMAN) under the leadership of Syed M. Salahuddin, President of IMAN and Managing Director of the ETA Ascon Star Group.

“One of the biggest events the Indian Muslim Association in Dubai organizes
every year is the Iftar during the holy month of Ramadan,” Rahman said.

 “More than 5,000 people attend it every evening, irrespective of their social status. It is a perfect example of communal amity and harmony.
“I must share an incident with you, which has touched many hearts,” he
recounted. “The Consul General came for the Iftar feast on the first day of Ramadan last year, and refused to sit on a chair forthe meal. Instead, he insisted on sitting on the floor and eating with everyone. In fact, Mr. Rajamony promised us that every year he would start the first Iftar of Ramadan in the company of the Indian Muslim
Association in Dubai.”

Rahman was also one of the founder members of the Indian Community
Welfare Committee (ICWC), which works under the Indian Consulate. “I have been part of the committee since its inception, and ICWC is doing exemplary work in healing many lives, under the patronage of Mr. Venu Rajamony,” he added.

Talking about his experiences in Dubai and the UAE, he said: “The relationship between India and the UAE has always been strong. For decades, Indians have come to this part of the world to earn their

 A high percentage of Indian skilled and unskilled labour is
now part of the UAE workforce. People of the UAE have been hospitable to many nationalities including Indians. Expatriates are taken
care of and everyone lives in communal harmony. I think there are great lessons to be learnt from the UAE in all
these fields.

“Growth in infrastructure is also a domain this country
excels in. We have seen phenomenal development over the last few years and we have to applaud the vision of the leaders of this country for it. India must take cues from the UAE in that regard.  Also the number of charities and institutions in the UAE which come forward to help the underprivileged is unparalleled,” he continued.
Rahman said that he doesn’t want to take his victory in the polls as a mere means to enjoy the status of an MP, but work towards serving the people. “Elected representatives like us should work hard to fulfill the promises we made during our campaign. We have been chosen by the people and I will absorb all possible lessons and experiences from the UAE, as I embark on this journey,” he said.
Discussing the basic challenges in Vellore, he pointed out that the constituency has six assembly areas and eachone has different problems. “Accessibility to healthcare facilities is a struggle in many places,” he observed.

 “Some areas have no hospitals in a 15-20 km radius. Drinking water is also a big problem, and the constituency is trying to deal with it for a long time. I have promised my people that I will work towards bringing drinking water schemes to Vellore”.
He said he would look into all these areas of concern and at the least provide adequate essential amenities to the people.

He also voiced keen interest in developing business infrastructure in Tamil Nadu and promoting education.                          

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