Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Who is more powerful, almighty Allah or Mufti Aminee PM raises question at Cox’s Bazar rally

Cox's Bazar:
Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Sunday questioned who is more powerful, almighty Allah or Mufti Aminee?

She posed the question while addressing a mammoth rally at the Park Playground here, organized by the district Awami League.

Addressing the rally as chief guest, Hasina said Aminee had threatened that he would pull me down from power.

Referring to Surah Al Imran in the holy Quran, she said: "Almighty Allah in this Surah declared that He is the only one, none else, who bestows honor to anyone. My question: how (Mufti Fazlul Haq) Aminee can say he will pull me down? Is he more powerful than Allah?"

The Prime Minister said that Aminee is often vocal about religion, but "he is the person who spread wrong conception about Islam, the religion of peace."
She said the Women Development Policy has been formulated "in the light of holy Quran and Hadith (Sunnah). "Awami League never goes against the holy Quran and Hadith, and will never do so."

Referring to Surah Nisa, Hasina further said that Allah established the rights of women on the property of husband and father. "But he (Aminee) is talking against the rights of the women."

Citing another verse from the same Surah, she said that almighty Allah also established the rights of orphans. "But you grabbed the whole property of your father-in-law, 'Hafejjee Hujur'. You're only entitled to enjoy the portion that your wife inherited from your father-in-law, but you grabbed the whole property. What about the other children of your father-in-law?"

She alleged that Mufti Aminee is engaged in non-religious activities in the name of religion.

Regarding the reported new technique of Aminee to picket during the hartal hours today (Monday) with holy Quran in one hand, she said:
"This is an outright contempt of the holy book. The present government won't tolerate any sort of contempt of the holy Quran."

Pointing fingers at the main opposition BNP, the Prime Minister said they (BNP) are not happy, as the "people of the country are now passing their days in peace. They're now trying to create anarchy, because the people did not vote for them. They are taking their revenge and plans to cause sufferings to the people."

Recalling the Awami League's defeat in the 2001 elections, she said that her party was defeated as she did not agree to sell gas to India through American company. "We're committed to protecting our independence and sovereignty. Soil of the country won't be allowed to be used by militants, terrorists, bribe-takers and interest-takers."

Hasina said that her government would make its best efforts for the development of Cox's Bazar.

She said the present government has taken steps to establish more schools in Cox's Bazar. There will be a Marine Research Institute and women's hostel in the Government Women College here as well as a town protection embankment.
The Prime Minister assured that the government would take measures to ensure optimum utilization of surface and rain waters.

She urged all to remain alert against militancy, corruption and terrorism, and asked the youths not to get involved with drugs and militancy.
Hasina said that her government wants to make Bangladesh a prosperous country in south Asia.

Acting president of the district Awami League Ahmad Hossain presided over the rally, which was also addressed by the central and local leaders of the party. UNB

Courtesy:The Bangladesh Today

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