Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Left caught in flap as leaders go slap,slap

·          DC Correspondent

A day after CPM MLA P. Jayarajan assaulted a TV reporter, Kerala’s food minister C. Divakaran, allegedly slapped a voter on Tuesday for refusing to commit his vote.
It now looks as if the acerbic election debate in Kerala is tipping over into violence as the state speeds towards the crucial poll date. The signs are there for all to see - verbal abuse and physical attacks on journalists, threats to voters and assaults on election officials. And it is mostly the ruling LDF and its leaders who are in the dock.

Mr Divakaran’s alleged assault on a voter occurred at a railway station in the southern constituency of Karunagapally in Kollam where he is seeking re-election.
“First he caught me by the collar, snatched my files and slapped me, asking which department I was working for,” said the rattled voter, Mr Sudhakaran.
He was among the morning commuters, seated on a bench at the station when Mr Divakaran walked in, with folded hands, seeking votes.

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