Wednesday, March 30, 2011


                                           Ms.Haseena Sayeed: Courtesy:Facebook
By Shafee Ahmed Ko
Chennai, March 29
Ms. Haseena Syed, who was at the start announced as Congress candidate for Krishnagiri Assembly seat in Tamil Nadu, after a  reshuffle with Mr.Maqbool Jan, now  claims to be the fitting candidate to contest the impending election in Tamil Nadu.
The conundrum that Ms.Haseena Sayeed, being replaced by Mr.Maqbool Jan, who enjoyed the congress party ticket seems to have lost the road to Krishnagiri to file the nomination papers in time.
Taking benefit of the state of affairs, there seemd to have nine nominations filed, but seven being rejected, and the remaining two, Ms. Haseena Sayeed claims that she holds form “B” required for Muslim minority contestant.
“There are two Muslim Minority constituencies, out of 63 seats for the present election namely Krishnagiri, and Ramanathapuram, consequent practice of Congress Party, reserving specific constituencies for Muslim minorities  both for State Assembly polls as well as Parliamentary constituencies in every state” said Ms.Haseena Sayeed to the eveninger media.
Ms.Haseena Sayeed further said that she has the blessings of both Ms.Sonia Gandhi, and Mr.Rahul Gandhi to challenge in the forthcoming poll on April 13 in the Krishnagiri constituency.
She also referred Mr. Thangabalu Tamil Nadu Congress President is the sole cause of  entire chaos confusion, for the prevailing disorder, and his effigies are being burnt in front of the party office in Chennai, and also in different parts of  Tamil Nadu.
She also said that the party high command is keenly watching the Mr.Thangbalu’s lopsided nepotism, and the "Congress High Command in New Delhi will soon declare the official candidate for Krishnagiri constituency ” 

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