Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Cricket Ka Satta Raj. Why Betting can’t be stopped ?

March 29th, 2011

Money will move faster than the ball in Mohali Game. Satta Raj Hoga Aaj.
Betting Bazar is as big as 2G and CWG and Money in Swis Banks, imagine in a day 20,000 crores worth of  Satta is played on a single match on a single day in a matter of few hours, the illicite money and un accounted flood of illegal and black money changes hands in worlds most dreaded cash gain and loss game of Illegal betting in India.
Media proudly and a dramatic manner does not shy of displaying the statistics and the functioning of the whole illegitimate organised and web based betting industry it even goes to the satta bazar, bookies and satories with covered faces interviews them to encourage and educate the masses who are interested to know more about the dark practise in a sphosticated manner.

Where are the agencies and the enforcement authorities who are empowered to act and take action and raid the suspects and arrest the known players and block the premises with jammers, and stop the mobiles from functioning and blocking the  net based info and ip addresses.

The irony is India has lakhs of Indians who are happy betting on Pakistan winning the Semi Finals, the reason being they value money more than the game or the spirit of nationalism. If the rates are on and if the bookies are out in open telling the rates and pitching one team against the other, betting on each ball played and star players like Yufraj, Afridi and Sachin, staked for  scoreing fifties and hundreds and taking wickets and dropping catches

Game of Cricket has become game for black money tycoons. Where is nationalism and sincerity and fair game, for them, they like the team on which they bet to win nothing more nothing less. After all it is a game no, they do not attach sentiments and national pride with it. for them it is money and money first. gain even if it  costs the national pride. and embarrassing to the nation.

Abhi Waqat hai, Hamari Awaz se Awaz Miladoo, Satta Cricket Ka 2G and CWG  jaisa hai, usko rook sakooo to rook do,
Kal Satta Nahin hona chahiiye… Kya App rok pa wooo gey. For all thinking and caring people of India who care for fair game and national pride.

 CourtesyAdil Mohd 

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