Thursday, October 6, 2011


Chennai: 4 October, 2011.

                 (R-L) Dr.Elongo,Sub.Maj.Bavas, Dr.Capt.Zahid Hussain

On the occasion of the Gandhi Jayanthi,October 2,the NCC cadets of New College (2 Company I, Tamil Nadu Battalion NCC,Army Wing) celebrated the day identifying the  inpatients of Government Royapettah Hospital, which is  adjacent to the college, in Chennai, says its press report.

The social service was organized by around 150 NCC cadets under captaincy of Dr.Capt.Zahid Hussain. He is the Commander of NCC Army wing of the college. Also Sub. Major Bavas from 1 TN Battalion NCC participated on the occasion.
                     Sub.Maj.Bavas,Dr.Capt.Zahid Hussain with hospital children

The NCC cadets met every ailing in-patient, and spoke kind words, wishing them a speedy recovery of their health. They shared the pains of the ailing patients of the Hospital, says their press report.

 The Resident Medical Officer (RMO) Dr.Elango extended a warm well come to the NCC cadets, and its Commander Dr.Capt.Zahid Hussain. On behalf of the college army cadets, and its officer, Dr.Elango distributed refreshments, biscuits to the sick children. Thus the occasion turned the hospital into  a cheerful atmosphere.
                      Cadets with a child offering snacks
The press report further adds that the in-patients of the hospital appreciated the cadets’ selfless service, and were grateful to them. The New College NCC cadets do not neglect any fine events to render civic services, be it cleaning the hospitals or conducting blood camps. Their contribution in community development is renowned and date back to 13 full years as a remarkable record.

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