Friday, June 10, 2011

In the city of Nawabs, it is difficult for a Muslim to hire a house

Thursday, 9 June 2011
Hyderabad, June 09: The hospitality of the historic city of Hyderabad is exemplary and unique but with the changing times, it has become almost impossible for any Muslim to get a house on rental basis.
Form the ancient times, Hyderabad was an important city where traders from different places used to come and stay for a few days to transact their business. Recently, on account of the establishment of multi-national companies, it has become impossible for the Muslims to get a house near their work place. The terms and conditions prescribed for letting out a house are not acceptable to the Muslim youth of today.
Mr. Syed Sirajuddin (26) a resident of Attapur told that for two reasons house owners are reluctant to let out their houses to Muslims. The Muslim youths do not go to bed till late at night whereas their non-Muslim neighbors prefer to sleep in the early hours of night.
The second reason Mr. Sirajuddin gave for not letting out the house to the Muslims was that the cooking smell of the Muslims is not tolerable to the Non-Muslims. Ms. Shabana Begum of Begumpet told that while getting a house for rent, she had to pass through various difficulties.
Many house owners complained that the Muslim tenants do not get up early in the morning and they also do not keep their houses neat and clean.
She offered higher rent but she was refused. Another reason for refusal is that the Muslims have larger families. Employees who come to Hyderabad on their transfers find it very difficult to get a house for rent.
Although the persons shifting from other places to Hyderabad get handsome salaries, still the landlords refuse to give their houses to bachelors.
--------Siasat News

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