Friday, April 1, 2011

Police shave three Kuwaiti teenagers' heads for reciting love poems

Dubai, Mar 31 :

Three Kuwaiti teenagers had their heads shaved by police after they recited love poems to girls leaving their high school.

The teenagers were caught using a loudspeaker to recite love verses and give their mobile numbers out, Gulf News reported.

According to Al Anba daily, the three youngsters parked their car near the school and sought the attention of the girls by using a loudspeaker to shower them with expressions of love and flirtatious messages.

In the process, they gave their phone numbers in the hope that some of the girls would call them.

However, a two-man patrol heard the shouting and apprehended the youngsters after they discovered their trick and found that the driver was underage and did not have a driving license.

The head of the police station in Al Jahra, 32 kilometres northwest of Kuwait City, ordered that their heads be shaved off before further action is taken, according to the report.

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