Friday, April 1, 2011


By Shafee Ahmed Ko

Chennai: March 31

One day Gandhian hunger protest was held by  senior Congress loyalists from Chennai, and also different parts of Tamil Nadu. They all  assembled at Sathya Moorthy Bhavan, the official premises for Tamil Nadu Congress Committee, asking Mr.K.V.Thankgabalu, the State Congress President, to exit from the post for his irregularities and chaos in selecting the candidates for the poll on April 13, the party cadres spoke.

Mr.Mylai Periaswamy, Mr. America Narayanan,Srimathi Vishnu Priya, S.M.Hidayathullah, and Dr.Ameer Jan, all spoke the  great displeasure that the conduct Mr.Thankgabalu, favouring at the out set, designating his wife Mrs.Jayanthi  for Mylapore constituency , and shifting her to Krishnagiri constituency, and yet again retaining the Mylapore constituency in Chennai  for himself, they described such acts were as prejudiced, and vested interests.

They all assumed that the atonement to the chaotic situation was, that “Mr.Thankgabalu should quit himself from the seat or the party High Command should replace with a deserving person, worthy of the name”

Around 500 party stalwarts including women’s wing were sitting under a shamiana listening the speeches of senior party members.

Mr.S.M.Hidayathullah, a   party activist past forty years, dedicating right from his college days, explained, “How hard Madam Sonia  Gandhi battled for 63 seats, and this chaos and confusion created by Mr.Thankgabalu may not become active to defame the very devoutness of Congress Party”

The senior party men one after other lamented reminiscing,” This is the place where great leaders such as Kamaraj, Kakkan, and Moopanar adored with decorum; but Mr.Thangabalu has blemished the very sacraments of the party” they lamented.

“Soniajee longed for 63 seats for Tamil Nadu.Mr.Thankgabalu has not decided the right candidates for the right place. Since he played a gimmick, and political gambit, perhaps may become set back if Mr.Thankgabalu continues” they felt.

There was a heavy post of Khaki clad police men.

The crowded media both print, electronic, and too many lensemen were active in and around the premises. 

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