Monday, April 11, 2011

Kerala's development is Congress' first priority, says Rahul Gandhi

Trivandrum (Kerala), Apr 10: Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi on Sunday said that his party is committed to transforming Kerala into one of the most developed statesin India.

Addressing an election rally in Trivandrum, Gandhi said that the Central Government has already initiated many development programmes, which can be implemented in the state.

“We understand the issues prevailing in the cities like Trivandrum. So, we have created the Jawaharlal Nehru Urban Renewal Mission that is designed to bring these cities into the 21st century,” Gandhi said.

Gandhi mentioned that such programmes are costly, due to which they want to transform Kerala into an investment hub. 

“If you go to the industrialists, if you go to the people who set up factories, who set up industries, and ask them where in the country do you want to go to set up your businesses? They would tell that they want to go to Haryana, Delhi, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra or Punjab. But Kerala’s name does not figure in that list,” Gandhi said.

The elections to the 140-member Kerala Legislative Assembly will take place on April 13.

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