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Hazare-Pawar confrontation continues

2011-04-10 22:40:00
Last Updated: 2011-04-11 00:59:39

New Delhi: The confrontation between Anna Hazare and NCP escalated today with the anti-corruption crusader saying Union Agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar should resign if people demand that the NCP leader step down.
The NCP, a key UPA ally, on its part again disapproved of the way Hazare and his activists went about their agitation making the government "bow to pressure tactics."

Asked about his earlier comment that Pawar should step down, Hazare said, "He has already resigned from one Group of Ministers (GoM). This is a democracy, if people demand that he should step down(as union minister), then on moral grounds he should. Corrupt people should not be in power".

NCP General Secretary Tariq Anwar agreed that corruption is a very big issue for the nation. "A solution should be found, a way should be formulated, a law must be created," he said.

"But, the way which was adopted...pressure tactics through its issue to make the government bow and agree to theri demands is not right. It is becoming a new trend."

Anwar said yesterday that the government has committed a "mistake" by accepting Hazare's demands.

"Corruption is undoubtedly a burning issue facing the country ... but I differ with Anna Hazare as the way adopted by the Gandhian leader has not been the right way.

"The way Anna Hazare got his demand conceded I want to be clear is not correct ... and the government has committed a mistake by accepting his demands," Anwar had said.

Hazare on Wednesay stepped up attack on Pawar saying he resigning from Group of Ministers(GoM) on corruption will not serve "any purpose" and he should quit the Union Council of Ministers too.
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