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Experiencing Liver Pain?
After reading this guide you should know how to:
§                     Eliminate Liver Pain Instantly
§                     Promote Overall Liver Health
§                     Reduce Liver Swelling
§                     Avoid Cirrhosis of the Liver

The liver is the body’s largest internal organ, and should be treated with care. Unfortunately, we can pick up bad habits that accumulate over time. When these habits reach a tipping point, we experience liver pain.

The important thing to note is that an internal organ does not experience pain per-se. Instead, the organ will get inflamed and stretch the surrounding tissues. This does cause pain. Sometimes even acute or sharp pain. What’s important is that we change our bad habits and allow our body to heal itself.

Before we get into the habits we should change, it is important to note that liver pain can be caused by a more serious medical condition, such as Hepatitis, HIV, or Diabetes. Because of this, the first step in eliminating liver pain is to contact your doctor. Only your doctor will be able to rule out any serious conditions that your body cannot heal on its own.

Steps to Eliminating Liver Pain:

Drink More Water – This step can work almost instantly, and there is no downside to trying it. People have reported instant relief aftedrinking water, but you should aim to stay hydrated before you run into any problems.
Stop Drinking Alcohol – Alcohol is one of the leading causes of liver damage and pain. Stop drinking for one month and see what effects this has on your pain levels. Besides, a month off alcohol will provide a welcome recovery period for your body.

Stop Taking Non-Essential Medications – Your liver has to filter every foreign drug you put into your body. While taking simple over-the-counter medications is not normally too taxing on the liver, this load can add up. If you can avoid anti-inflammatory drugs and other non-essential medications for a month, try eliminating them.

Start Walking – Walking 30 minutes each day will awaken the metabolic pathways in your muscles and stop insulin resistance. This one change could seriously affect your overall health, including liver function. Every time you pick up a cell phone, just start walking. I guarantee you’ll get 30 minutes per day from this one habit.

Cut out High-Glycemic Carbohydrates – Do a search for “Gylcemic Load Table”, and take a look at which foods are making you fat and destroying your health. The higher numbers indicate that a food gets into your bloodstream faster, causing a “blood sugar” spike and serious long term health problems (including obesity). Eat more foods with a lower number while eliminating foods with a higher number.

Take a Multi-Vitamin – If your body does not get every vitamin and mineral it needs to function, you will have problems sooner or later. By taking a multi-vitamin every other day, you ensure that each necessary building block is present in your body. Taking this supplement every other day will ensure that you are not overloading your liver with excess vitamins and minerals it must filter out.

Keep Talking to Your Doctor - If pain persists, make another doctor’s appointment to figure out the next course of action. There are only so many things you can do to heal you body. Sooner or later, you may need serious medical intervention or prescription medication to solve the problem.

If you can honestly do each of the steps above, your liver pain should be completely gone within a short time. Of course, each of these steps is significantly more complex than the space allowed in this article. There is just too much to list here. So I’ll give you a link below where you can get much more information on eliminating liver pain.

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