Tuesday, March 22, 2011

BJP woos with pledge of myriad solutions

Guwahati, March 21: The BJP today released its manifesto for next month’s Assembly elections in Assam with the promise of enacting strong laws to tackle corruption and infiltration, of opposing big dams and providing refugee status to Hindu migrants from Bangladesh.

Releasing the manifesto at Pragjyoti ITA Centre, Machkhowa, senior BJP leader Rajnath Singh sought votes for the party to unseat the ruling Congress. “Whenever the Congress has been in power, prices of essential commodities have increased because of largescale corruption and faulty economic policies of the party. If the BJP is voted to power, we promise to enact strong laws to take action against the corrupt and control the prices of edible items,” he said.

The Opposition party’s manifesto promised to provide good governance by setting up aLok Pal and use of technology to provide information under the RTI Act. It also pledged to set up a special investigation group to probe the multi-crore rupee scams in the state.
The BJP also played the election card by promising measures to stop infiltration from Bangladesh and detect and deport illegal Muslim migrants by updating the National Registrar of Citizens (NRC).

“The BJP considers the Muslims who entered the state illegally from Bangladesh after 1971 as infiltrators and the Hindus as refugees because the Hindus left that country and took refuge in the state because of the immense harassment meted out to them there,” Singh said in an apparent bid to woo the votes of Hindu migrants, who have been demanding a refugee status. “We will provide security to the refugees and put pressure on the Centre to equally distribute them in the country,” he added.
The party, which is fielding candidates in all the 126 constituencies, promised to vigorously protest against the construction of big dams.

The BJP also promised to initiate talks with any rebel group to establish peace and security. It, however, made no mention of the ongoing peace process with Ulfa.
The party promised employment, decentralisation of power, world class infrastructure, development of indigenous and tea tribes, welfare measures for genuine minorities, solution to floods and erosion, schemes for environment, agriculture, industry, health and education, land for the landless, development of sports and culture, welfare schemes for women and journalists and measures to tackle human trafficking.

Singh promised to put pressure on the Centre to take up the issue of the reported construction of a dam in south China to divert the Brahmaputra if the BJP was voted to power in the state.
He expressed confidence that the BJP would come to power and form the government on its own.

Courtesy:The Telegraph Cal

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