Sunday, March 27, 2011

Naqvi slams Congress for 'neglecting' development of Indian Muslims


Guwahati, Mar 25 :

The BJP slammed the ruling Congress for its brand of 'hypocritical secularism' and accused the party of neglecting the development of Indian Muslims in Assam to serve the interests of immigrant Muslims from Bangladesh.

Hitting out at the Congress for its purported neglect of the issues of the indigenous Muslim population, BJP vice-president Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi pleaded his party’s commitment for the development of the community.

"BJP is committed to facilitating rapid socio-economic development of Indian Muslims in Assam whose interests have been severely affected by ruling Congress' policy of appeasement towards immigrant Muslims from Bangladesh," he said as the BJP tried to woo Muslims before next month’s polls.

He informed that about 500 indigenous Muslims joined the BJP at Sivsagar in eastern Assam yesterday and termed it a positive development for the party.

"Muslims all over the country have realized the hypocritical secularism of Congress that has been a major hurdle in the path of socio-economic development of the minority community. Congress has exploited them only for votes," Naqvi alleged.

He added that Muslims in Bihar are now turning towards the BJP as was evident in the last elections and this would have a positive bearing across the country.

Naqvi stressed that the BJP wanted all the illegal Muslim migrants from Bangladesh detected and deported from Assam in the greater interests of indigenous Muslims of the state.

He also reiterated BJP’s stand for providing protection and security to ‘Hindu refugees’ who had to flee Bangladesh to escape persecution there.

"The case of Bengali speaking Hindus who had fled to Bangladesh from India for their life must be considered on humanitarian ground," he said.

The BJP leader alleged that the last ten years of Congress rule put Assam in the ICU "infiltration/insurgency, corruption and unemployment. I now appeal to the people of Assam to bring the state out of the ICU."


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