Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Exports have boosted the growth of Indian economy substantially and Indian exports in the current year have earned nearly US $ 125 billion and is expected to earn US $ 160 billion for the next fiscal year. The major export products of India include leather, medical appliances, equipments, textiles and so on. The key products that the beginners will have easy access are as below:
Leather Goods are among major export products of India.
India has developed over the years to become a key player in the export of leather goods and accessories among the major export products of India. 

India exports numerous leather products for daily use like leather wallets, belts, key holders, folders, pouches, leather toys, handbags etc. Gift items made of leather such as Leather notebooks, decorated leather journals, key rings, rugs are quite popular in foreign countries. 

A large number of small scale, medium scale as well as large scale companies in India are engaged in the export of leather goods.
Medical appliances also play a key role as major export products from India.

Indian medical appliances have made their mark in the foreign countries on account of superior quality and variety. Common medical appliances exported from India include absorbent gauze, sterile gloves, crepe bandages, gauze sponge, surgical face masks, surgical caps, and surgical disposables. Export of specialized medical appliances have also gained importance among major export products of India and appliances such as baby incubator, automatic vertical autoclave, air ionisers, nelaton catheter, digital video colposcopes, digital imaging softwares.

Textile goods have gained prominence among the export products of India; designer garments for ladies as well as gents manufactured by the big houses in India have created huge demand in the International garment industry. The popular ladies garment include knitted tops, embroidered salwar, sequin work blouses, sarongs, floral t-shirts, beaded garments, poplin embroidered kurta, viscose crape printed skirt. 
Other export products from India:
India caters to the need of varied equipments of the foreign countries, therefore the Indian equipment industry have grown in leaps and bounds and ranks high among the major export products of India like conveyor systems, hand pallet trucks, magnetic coolant cleaners, vibrating screens, EOT cranes, industrial magnetic conveyors, cantilever racks, steel rolling mill plants, hydraulic stackers, heavy duty pallet rack, pin pulveriser, agitator vessel, rotary vane feeders. 

A large number of small scale, medium scale as well as large scale companies in India are engaged in the export of equipments.
All the products from India may not necessarily be as free exports. There are banned items, restricted under license items.
The readers are referred to those products only wherein s/he can easily access a customer mostly known as “buyers” in export parlance.
The novice, otherwise the beginner is advised once again to be very familiar with the products s/he selects and let a period of one or two years go as probationers.
In our next mail, we will deal with individual items,and overseas markets. While dealing in export, the most essential subject is pricing and recovery of funds. We shall also touch the recovery of export funds commonly known as “PAYMENT” ‘An elementary knowledge is necessary as a  thumb rule. In due course of time we shall deal with these subjects. The readers may comment the queries in the comment box, as well may contact email .Although  service is free,only deserving queries will be entertained. 

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