Thursday, January 31, 2013

A grand movie and vexed Kamal

Kamal Hasan, the veteran and versatile silver screen icon is in acute anxiety as his much awaited film "Vishwaroopam",a film on which millions of dollars spent, finds no way to entertain the big fans as scheduled, and he is running pillar to post caught in legal battle as a few Muslim group protested  against the film.

 The disputation for objection is that the film portrays Muslims in bad taste as terrorists; recent massive protestors began agitating in various parts of Tamil Nadu.
 Though Madras High court granted an interim stay, dissatisfied with the verdict Tamil Nadu Government has gone a step to ban the film on plea that the film will cause law and order problem.
The poster graphic is similar Arabic letters
Haasan Wonders that his film cannot rock the "Nation's unity".

Vexed Hassan tells that he would incur great loss, and flee from the Nation as M.F.Hussain did.
 Kamal said to the press and media, "I shall wait for the judgment but after this I will have to seek a secular state for a house. I have pledged all what I have and if the film doesn't release, I will end up suffering a huge loss. Even if I become shelter less, I know there are people who will help me. From Kashmir to Kerala, I have a number of homes to call my own. But despite all that, if I am left with no place to stay, then I will have no choice but to leave the country like MF Husain. But nothing can ever change that I am an Indian."

Kamal Hasan knows well a similar movie "Thuppakki",Vijay as hero, the film depicting Muslims in a bad tastes  met sever attack and criticism.

Even the title"Vishwaroopam"  of the film has a graphic looks similar to Arabic script, and many not only Muslims and non Muslims also feel that the picture has direct suggestion that it has been intended to mudslinging on Muslim brethren.

Athough Kamal explains that the film is about the Afghan terrorists,his mention about
Mullah Mohammad Omer lived in Tamil Nadu cities such Coimbatore and Madurai holds no water, and completely misguiding.

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