Thursday, September 6, 2012

“How a Muslim Society be respectable and meritorious” extols Justice Akbar Ali.

Justice G.M.Akbar Ali came heavily on disunited NGOs on community foundations and he wondered why each one is creating factions instead of appreciating each other, and shouldering each ones responsibility in mutual cooperation as NGOs.

It was an elite gathering conducted as “Eid Milan” by age old “Tamil Nadu Muslim Movement (TMSM)”.The meeting was held on Tuesday, September 4, 2012, at Hotel Crystal Residency, Thousand Light Chennai. The General Secretary Professor Dr. Se.Mu.Mu.Mohamad Ali took comfort position to inviting each one introducing much particularised manner with describing their insrinsic skills; and this was unique and distinct while comparing such mini rallies held elsewhere.

Presiding the event Honourable Justice G, M.Akbar Ali expressed great concern over the state of affairs how girls particularly Muslims in common are infatuated, and he felt nothing extraordinary to extol virtues as seen mostly these days. “They become a chick-foul to a vulture’s catch, and it is a culture shock to the parents who brought up the children with great hope, confidence, expectation, optimism and anticipation” His whole narrative was on the girls how they are being infatuated, how easily fooled by youths as gullible. Turning towards Muslim clergies, Justice Ali said, “I do not mean that the Muslim girls are restricted from being educated, but a home is great place where parents are role models, and training them appropriate manner from their childhood is a prime importance, It’s sort of struggle, “Jihad” to hack it for leading good life with good reasoning, instil aptitude and attitude, with high quality education, superior economic condition, excellent health and hygiene alone make our society a commendable, respectable and meritorious” he said.

Great appreciation and tributes were passed on to Alhajj K.A.Mansoor, the Founder and Chairman of Tamil Nadu Muslim Movement (TMSM), a realtor, Dr.Mohamadali said, “While he purchases a land, first he (Alhajj Mansoor) allots one acre for a Mosque, and for a School.
Alhajj Mohammad Sikanthar,who was recently elected member  in majority of votes of 273,for Tamil Nadu Wakf Board spoke that TMSM has received as contribution a sum of Rs.15,00,000 (Rs.Fifteen Lakhs) and huge clothes, and said,” Few more lakhs of rupees are expected, and a team from Chennai will leave for Assam and we will personally handover the funds collected to Moulana Badruddin Ajmal, MP from Assam.

There  was also a surprise news  that TMSM choose poor boy and fostered him from his age six, and he became in flying colours in 10 plus 2, admitted as a rank student in an top engineering college, and he came out successfully. The curious issue of the boy is he cannot speak, and he cannot totally hear. Both the faculties are impaired.

The overseas guests of the evening honoured by TMSM were Mr.Muduvai Hidayathullah, Secretary Indian Muslim Association, Dubai, Alhajj A.Rahmathullah, Jeddah, Mr.A.S.Ramkumar, Jeddah, Mohiyadeen Batcha, and Dubai.

The get-together witnessed generous philanthropists, clergies from different Jamm’aths far and near, Muslim journalists, Muslim Media personals, Muslim Social activists and well wishers of Tamil Nadu Muslim Service Movement (TMSM). The assembly came to a conclusion with vote of thanks by Alhajj A.Haja Mohammad, a special supplication by Alhajj Moulavi O.S.M.Mohammad Ilyas Qasimi, with special reference for Assam Muslims as a servile and respectful appeal for higher power of mercy to shower  from Allah Subhana Taa’la.

Apart from the feast of mind, the meeting ended with a sumptuous dinner.

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