Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Chennai Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Shafee Ahmed Ko

Students of Hindustan University, Padur, Chennai, and its management  escalated conflicts over implementation  ‘Break’ system from this year – involving that no students with arrears will be promoted. The spokes person of the University said the disheartened students stayed back from the University classes, and management has declared day off from Monday.

Desperate Students 
T.K.Shanaz, State Joint Secretary Muslim, Students Federation Students’ Wing of Indian Union Muslim League, in a press note emphasising the agony of students statesthat Hindustan University has to reconsider its stand and resolution.

Shanavaz requested urgent intervention of the HRD ministry and UGC and Governor of Tamil Nadu to look into the uncertainty prevailing among  students from Hindustan University.  The students consider that it was unilateral decision to implement new system, taking aback all the students, which will disturb hundreds of the students pursuing their course. Shanavaz further stated that any unilateral decisions adopted by the said University, having no word   of consultation with the students in advance, is a set back and means for possible failure in their future career. “This new rule”, he said,  “Year Backing” a system was unexpected and a shot on the arm,   also not in practice earlier years, would definitely bring severe impact on the students mentally and physically and taking toll to of their future.
Hindustan  University closed

In a faxed letter to Minister to the HRD, UGC, and Governor of Tamil Nadu, Navaz has requested their immediate intervention, and impart a remedy to their cause of distress.

From the students’ assertion it was clear that the Hindustan University collected nearly Rs.25,000 towards the cost of the books and students alleged that the university collected the books back every semester.

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