Friday, April 20, 2012

Chief Minister Ms.Jayalalithaa acceds demands of Dr.Jawahiurllah.

Dr.Jawahirulla, MMK leader and Member of Legislative Assembly (MLA), Ramnad Constituency, who strove for funds, Rs.One Crore(US $209292.591) annully,for Tamil Nadu Urdu Academy,  hails   success while Chief Minister Ms.Jayalalithaa acceded to his demands.


Dr.M.H.Jawahirulla came up at the ongoing Assembly Sessions, telling the plight of Urdu Academy, an organisation which is almost at a verge of extinct, lacking needed funds, care and attention hitherto failed from all sections authorities.


Dr.Jawajirullah who has been fighting tooth and nail to fill the gaps for Urdu teachers in the vacant post in Urdu medium schools, and champion of every section, be it economic failure, deprived society, or any language disparity, exhorted on Urdu Academy, in the Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly, on Thursday, drawing attention of Ms.Jayalalithaa, what she once promised for the welfare of Urdu Academy in an Iftar Party held way back in 1996 at S.I.E.T.Women’s College, Chennai.


Dr.Jawahirullah also proposed to the Chief Minister Ms.Jayalalithaa, that the Urdu Academy should fetch from the TN government a sum of Rs.One Crore   annully, a staffed secretariat to be established for the purpose. He also put forth a scheme that a girls’ college may be established in Ambur (Vellore Dist) just to avoid the hassle of running to the colleges far away from Ambur.

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