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News Letters
 -- April 2005
 -- March 2006
 -- Sept. 2008

Press Release
Terror attack condemned

(July 14, 2011)
A Statement by the Citizens for Justice and Peace, Communalism Combat, 
Muslims for Secular Democracy

Report of the
National Commission for Religious and Linguistic Minorities
Part 1 (Pdf)       Part 2 (Pdf)

  List of Prosecution,    
  defence witnesses
  Chart for the
  identification of
  the accused
  Chart for the
  identification of
  the weapon
  List of accused  (pdf)
  Contradictory statements  
  by Zahira and family
  Zahira Speak  (pdf)
  Hostile witnesses:    (pdf)
  Criminal consequences
  Modi on NHRC, CJ  (pdf)
  Pending petition for  (pdf)
  re- investigation, transfer
  No appeals  (pdf)
 Partisan prosecutors (pdf)
 Partisan Investigation (pdf)
 Vadodara witnesses (pdf)
  Case History
 Supreme court  
(Mar 8, '06)
  Mazgaon (Mumbai)
  session court
(Full Judgement)  
 ( Feb 24, '06)
  Mazgaon (Mumbai)
  session court
 (Feb 24, '06)
  SC Judgement: transfer
  and  retrial in Mumbai

(April 12, '04)
  SC order expunging
  remarks against
  Teesta, Mihir
  Gujarat HC order
  Dec. 26, '03/Jan 12, '04
  CJP and Zahira file
  SLP in SC
(Aug. 8, '03)
  Zahira/CJP press  
  conference in Mumbai

  (July 7, '03)
  Sessions Court
  Judgement, Vadodara

  (June 27, '03)

News Letter March 2006
Crime Against
Gujarat Riots
 Concerned Citizens Tribunal Report
Crime Against

( Abridged Version)

Fatwa on Terrorism issued by Mufti Fuzail-ur-Rahman Hilal Usmani
(Pronounced in person at a Public Meeting, “Citizens Against Terror”, organized by Citizens for Justice and Peace, Muslims for Secular Democracy and others in Mumbai on July 27, 2006).
Text of Fatwa: Hindi | Urdu | Marathi | Gujarati
Statement of Condemnation
(Mumbai Blast)

Sardarpura Massacre
Zakia Jafri Case

Time Line and Chronology
Press Release of CJP
SC Order Sept. 12, 2011

     Prominent Gujarat Citizens Protest SIT's
      reported intentions to File Closure Report -
      Zakia Jafri/CJP Case
(Feb. 6, 2012) 
Media Coverage

      Zakia moves Supreme Court to protest
         SIT ‘inaction'
(The Hindu,  Jan. 8, 2012)

       Amicus report lays the ground for  
        chargesheeting Narendra Modi

       (,  Oct. 24, 2011)

      'Book Gujarat cops for neglect during riots'  
(The Indian Express,  Oct. 23, 2011)
      Amicus report lays the ground for
        chargesheeting Narendra Modi

(The Hindu,  Oct. 23, 2011)  

Subversion of the Indian Constitution
Memorandum to the Governor
On 17.8.2011, a delegation of eminent citizens of Gujarat and Mumbai met the Governor of Gujarat and apprised her of the cynical subversion of the  Constitutional Machinery and Constitutional Mandate within the State. 

  Memo To Governor
    Annexure 2

   Illegal and Malafide Summons against Teesta  Setalvad Quashed by Gujarat High Court
May 27, 2011)

      Response to Alleged accusations by
        Smt Yasmin Shaikh
      Attemtpts At Intimidation Continue (March 25, 11)
      Bar notice: Ex-CM says his law licence
        expired long ago

Statement before the CEDAW Committee,
New York, July 19, 2010

Teesta Setalvad, Secretary Citizens for Justice and Peace
Press Meet (March 23, 2011)

Lend your Voice to Our Struggle
Eighth Anniversary of the Gujarat Genocide 2002

July 28, 2008
CJP Condemns Blasts
   Terror Attack on Samjhauta Express -
Press Release
   Human Rights and the Rule of Law: Mob Terror, State Terror and Bomb Terror -- Organised by Citizens for Justice and Peace, Communalism Combat, Mumbai  (21/12/06)

The end of impunity

By Teesta Setalvad

Press Release

   The Citizens for Justice and Peace
     Official Response to PTI 
(Oct. 13, 2011)

      SC slams Modi govt for 'spurious' case
    against Teesta Setalvad

    (Times of India, Feb. 21, 2012)

      Electoral mandate, fake encounters and Rule of Law - By RB Sreekumar

Former Gujarat CM accuses Modi of
complicity in 2002 Riots

Political Assassination or Revenge Killing?

IPS officer accuses Modi of instigating Gujarat riots
(Star News April 21, 2011)
Read affidavit

Media Reports on Gujarat Cases

   Incredible impunity
(, February 29, 2012)

   A verdict, finally
     (The Frontline, December 16, 2011)

   Gujarat riots case: 31 get life for torching
     33 including 11 children

     (The Indian Express, November 10, 2011)

   Raju: Charge Modi for provocative
(Outlook, Oct. 22, 2011)

   Book Modi for ’02 hate speeches’
     (The Times of India,  Oct. 6, 2011)

   A Few Good Men Wearing Khaki—And
     Modi’s Handcuffs
(Outlook, Oct. 24, 2011)

   The Cop With The Key
(Outlook, Oct. 17, 2011)

   Gujarat’s Decade under Modi
     (Oct. 7, 2011)

   Telling the wrong story
     (The Times of India,  Oct. 6, 2011)

   ‘Modi to blame if Bhatt harmed’
(Mail Today,  Oct. 4, 2011)

   “Whither rule of law in Gujarat?”
(The Hindu,  Oct. 2, 2011)  

        Click here for more

  Exodus of Gujarat IPS Officers
from State
(News X, August 13, 10)

2002 riots: Another police
officer blames Modi

(IBNLive, June 6, 11)

      (EPW, March 12, 2011)
-- V.R. Krishna Iyer  (The Hindu, September 1, 2010)

GODHRA: Police Assault Minority Women

     NCW team to probe Godhra assaults
(The Hindu)  (Jan. 22, 2010)

     NCW team visits Godhra to probe complaints
       into police torture
 (The Indian Express)
(Jan. 22, 2010)

     A Healthier and Safer Mumbai!!! 
Two Ambulances at Sion and Marine Lines Station

(November 26, 2009) 

To bid for the Charity Auction click here  

November 28, 2008

22 November 2007
Venue: Saudi Arabia Consulate, Cuff Parade, Mumbai

 Gujarat riot victims to get Rs 7 lakh: Centre

-- The Indian Express (27/11/06)

Citizens for Justice and Peace (CJP)
a citizens' group committed to the rule of law, was formed in Mumbai
on April 1, 2002 following the terrible communal carnage in Gujarat.
Calendar Of Achievements

(April 2002-February 2006)
CJP’s activities in the last 4 years have been focussed on legal interventions to ensure justice for the victims and punishment for the perpetrators of the Gujarat genocide.
Success Stories So Far:
1. Reluctant CM made to spend extra crores on relief

Action: Petition in Gujarat High Court (April 2002) to make the state government provide and pay for adequate relief to the 1.7 lakh people rendered homeless and destitute; petitions against government officials coercing relief camp managers into closing their camps even when victims have nowhere to go.

Result: High Court orders ensure that many relief camps stay open until September-October 2002; a highly reluctant state government made to spend several additional crores on relief measures.
2. ‘Modi chief author and architect of genocide’: Tribunal

Action: CJP sets up a Concerned Citizens Tribunal headed by three retired SC and Mumbai High Court judges for a citizens’ probe into the carnage (May 2002).

Result: The Tribunal’s 3-volume report, ‘Crime Against Humanity’ (November 2002) that remains the most incisive document on the genocidal violence in Gujarat. Its recommendations have triggered a national campaign for institutional reform to prevent mass crimes in future.

3. SC Orders Transfer And Retrial Of Best Bakery Case

Action: CJP petitions the SC along with Zahira Sheikh, asking for a retrial of the Best Bakery massacre case outside Gujarat (August 2003).

Results: SC decides to monitor the progress of ALL the carnage related cases, appoints an amicus curiae (October 2003).

q In a historic and unprecedented judgement (April 2004), SC orders retrial of the Best Bakery case outside Gujarat (in Maharashtra).
q The DGP of Gujarat is directed (August 2004) to reopen and review the over 2,000 incidents of violence that had been closed by the state police.
4. No votes over dead bodies

Action: CJP submits a detailed and a well-documented memorandum and leads delegation of victims to the Chief Election Commissioner, Lyngdoh, challenging the Gujarat government’s claim that the situation in Gujarat was normal to ensure a free and fair trial. (August 2002).

Result: CEC rejects the Gujarat government’s claim of normalcy and orders postponement of polls. Subsequently, when the CEC's decision was challenged in the SC, CJP filed written arguments before the Constitutional bench opposing snap polls in Gujarat.
5. Godhra victims’ kin, too, repose faith in CJP

Action: Four families from Ahmedabad, each of whom had lost one or more family member in coach S-6 of the Sabarmati Express train tragedy at Godhra, approach CJP for legal assistance. CJP files an application in SC (October 2003) for a retrial of the Godhra arson case outside Gujarat as the affected families did not expect to get justice in the state.

Result: The Godhra trial is stayed by the SC. The plea for re-investigation and transfer is pending.
6. Guilty cop Pandey shunted out of CBI

Action: CJP petitions SC (April 2004), challenging the NDA government’s malafide promotion and transfer of former Ahmedabad Police Commissioner, PC Pandey (whose own role during the carnage needs investigation), as Deputy Director, CBI.

Result: The Union government moves PC Pandey out of the CBI (October 2004).

7. Compensation to victims of terrorism in J&K

Action: On the request of the families concerned, CJP pursues the J&K government asking for expeditious payment of compensation to the Mumbai-based Chandrakant Shah and Nirav Vakharia whose family members were killed or seriously injured in the bomb blast in a hotel in Pahalgam, Kashmir (June 2004).

Result: The affected families receive timely compensation.


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