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2 Day International Conference Held in Chennai:Institute of Objective Studies (IOS)CHENNAI CHAPTER

Chennai - 19 Dec 2011:

An extraordinary International conference on “Challenges Before Youth in the Contemporary World” being organized by the internationally reputed think tank Institute of Objective Studies (IOS) in collaboration with Chennai-based Muslim Educational Association of Southern India (MEASI) concluded here recently. The conference was organized as a part of year-long Silver Jubilee celebrations with fanfare. It is attended by a number of experts, scholars, other dignitaries and delegates from inside and outside the country.

Delivering the inaugural address, Dr Ibrahim Bin Hammad Al Quayid of Riyadh-based World Assembly of Muslim Youth (WAMY) said the youth today in general faced three kinds of challenges. According to him, they were of political, economic and socio-cultural nature.

An ideal society can emerge only when these three challenges are tackled tactfully taking them in confidence,” the renowned scholar opined.

Dato Mohammed Iqbal, a well known scholar and United Nations representative from Malaysia, said Islam didn’t differentiate between persons other than piety.

Padamshree Mecca Rafique Ahmed, Chairman, Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce, Tamil Nadu and a business tycoon said the youth today were running after money and going materialistic. “That’s why they are full of tension, stress and strain,” he said.

According to him, capitalism and Socialism were only 200-300 year-old whereas the history of Islam and Muslims was of more than a thousand years. Therefore, only Islam could come as a natural remedy to the youth, he declared.

In the words of former Director Gen. of Police T.N. Mr. V R Lakshminarayanan, IPS (Retd), the main issue was how to provide education to the entire Muslim community.

Author of his master-piece “Role of Muslim Youth in the Reconstruction of Contemporary World” published 28 years ago, IOS Chairman and star attraction of the conference Dr M Manzoor Alam said he had discussed the issues 28 years ago in his book but they still remained relevant because situation changed with the passage of time but not the root-cause.
On this occasion, important dignitaries were awarded awards.
The conference was organized by the Institute of Objective Studies (IOS), New Delhi in collaboration with the New College – Autonomous, Chennai. It has been able to muster support and participation of all sections of society in general, but youth and women in particular. The Chennai chapter of the IOS is appreciated for its efforts in organising the conference at such a scale and the New College, Chennai for extending its full support to make the event successful.
The conference adopted the following resolutions in its concluding session.


1. It is resolved that serious efforts be taken to set up a specialized ‘IOS Global Council for Youth Development’ in Chennai.
2. It is resolved that Chennai Chapter shall draw a plan to approach regional institutions and policy planners to muster support for augmenting interaction with marginalised groups to study their issues and problems within their specific context. Collaboration with other societies to carry out these activities should be a priority.
3. It is resolved that Chennai Chapter should also establish viable linkages with other regional chapters of IOS and try to create coordination with each other.
4. It was resolved that effort should be made to involve the political, social and cultural segments of Tamil Nadu for creating awareness about the plight of Muslim youth and other marginalised sections of society.
5. It is resolved to request the government to make quality education at higher levels affordable to weaker and marginalised sections of societies as it has become expensive and beyond their reach.
6. It is resolved that special efforts be made to initiate programmes of soft and life skills development among youth at all desirable levels. A close contact with state government in these areas will be aimed at.
7. It is resolved that efforts be made to include ethical and moral value systems in the school and college curricula.
8. It is resolved to request the Tamil Nadu government to protect and promote all minority languages in the state.
9. It is resolved that IOS sets up a separate fund to support Muslim youth who appears for IAS, IPS and other central and state services.
10. It is resolved to make a survey of the Muslim youth and their family members who had undergone physical and mental agony during their incarceration in prisons for several years. Efforts should be made to take suitable measures for their rehabilitation.
11. This conference appeals to the Muslim community to pay maximum attention in bringing up and character building of their children in Islamic perspective and also guide them in the selection of their career.
Bhatkallys News Service
By - A U Asif

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