Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Is a great scholar going immature?

One may doubt Sang Parivar is immature, but  Dr.Subramanian Swamy is never to be doubted as an immature politician as he has been a cabinet Minister of Commerce and Law of India, 1990-1991 besides being 5 times parliamentarian and a  faculty at Harvard as professor of economics from  1964 t0 1969.

Perhaps he might have been stigmatized, rather obsessed when he was pulled out from IIT Delhi as a professor of economics by its board of Governors in 1970,and right then  started scavenging the dirt of different politicians only to gain political mileage, and he gained  no creditable achievements so far.

Dr.Swamy failed to comprehend although Muslims ruled India 800 years, Muslims in India   are still living as marginalized minority, and the report of Sachar Committee is a confirmation how Muslims are deprived in social, economic, and educational status in India. By this one can easily infer that Muslim rulers never advocated proselytisation. An article by Justice Markandey Katju explains how Muslim rulers are projected as intolerant towards Hindus: (Muslim rulers deliberately projected as intolerant: Katju Muslim rulers deliberately projected as intolerant: Katju)  

Dr.Swamy must be proud that a section of community having not more than 3 per cent in India occupies almost 45 per cent of Indian bureaucracy. The same section played a pivotal role as pet cats of British rulers in India. Here is video recording in Hindi to support the view.

Dr.Swamy’s advocacy in DNA media emphasizing to establish “Hindu Ancestry, and disenfranchisement” is Quixotic,  utopian, and seemingly  zealot and he proves himself  an impractical reformer of human society.

No wonder, perhaps, his wife Dr.Roxna Swamy, a Parsi, and his Jewish brother-in-law, his Muslim son-in-law Haider, (his daughter Suhasin’s husband), how they feel for such an acid tests.

Prof.Dr.Swamy is not oblivious that celebrities of India such as Sam Manekshaw, Justice  S.H.Kapadia- Current,Chief Justice of India and also several landmarks in Mumbai  are named after Parsis, including Narimaan Point. Parsis prominent in the Indian Independence Movement  include Pherozeshah Mehta,Dadabhai Naoroji , and Bhikaji Cama.

Particularly notable Parsis in the fields of science and industry include physicist Homi J.Bhaba, Homi N.Sethna and various members of the Tata,Godrej and Wadia industrial families, which include ,Neville Wadia son-in law of Muhammad Ali Jinnah and ,Rattanbai Petit and his descendents. Lieutenant General J.F.R. Jacob, a former senior Indian army officer, a Jew. Homi Nusserwanji Sethna  (1924-2010):  Padma Vibhushan awardee, chemical engineer; guided the development of India's first nuclear explosive device.

 Ardeshir Darabshaw Shroff (1899–1965): economist; delegate at the 1944 Bretton Wood Conference co-author of the ;Bombay Plan founder-director of the Investment Corporation of India; first Indian chairman of the  Bank of India.

 Dorabji,Sir (1859–1932): industrialist and philanthropist
 Jamshetji Nusserwanji Tata (1839–1904): industrialist; founder of the Tata group of companies, titled a "One-Man Planning Commission" by Nehru
 Jahangir Ratanji Dadabhoy (J.R.D.)Tata (1904–1993): industrialist; founder of India's first commercial airline: Air India
Ratan Naval Tata (1937- ): Chairman of the Tata Group of companies; member of the central board of the Reserve Bank of India
Lovji Nusservanji Wadia (1702–1774): Shipwright  and naval architect; builder of the first dry-dock in Asia
Ness Wadia (1970- ): joint-Managing Director of Bombay Dying.

 The estimated population of Parsis in India is around one lakh, and that of Jews in Mumbai is 5000 only.

"Mumbai has had three Jewish mayors. So has Calcutta, even if the title there is different. Those Indians who read English know that the country's greatest poet of the second half of the 20th century, Nissim Ezekiel, was Jewish. He was a professor at Mumbai University and passed away a few years ago. Esther David is a very popular novelist and so is Anita Desai. Some Jews also write in Marathi, a Hindi-related language spoken in the state where Mumbai is located” says a source.
Now the question arises that should all such celebrities and otherwise have to be subjected to an establishment of Hindu ancestry?

Prof.Dr.Subramaniyan Swami, a great scholar, one in the line to be treasured, ought not to humiliate himself as to earn wrath not only in India but hails disrespect from his alma mater Harvard University, who are accusing him as chauvinist. Even a school boy knows that India is a multi ethnic, multi cultural pluralistic country. Prof.Dr.Swamy should teach this fact to others but it is unworthy if a school boy does the job to an eminent scholar.


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