Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Under pressure to drop Krittika case: lawyer

Updated Jun 06, 2011 at 10:57am IST

New York: The lawsuit of Indian diplomat Debashish Biswas' daughter Krittika Biswas in the US has hit a new roadblock. Krittika's lawyer Ravi Batra has said that he's coming under pressure to drop the case.

Batra has said that he has well-wishers who have advised him to consider dropping the case because the issue has blown up way too much.
He has also requested the Indian government to not take back the immunity cards handed out to American consulate members in India.

"There should be a wait and see approach so that Secretary Clinton has adequate time to review and issue a reinterpretation," Batra said.

He however, made it clear that he will not drop the case. Batra said, "This is about basic human rights and how human beings live with one another under law and this is why this 

case is important and I am not going to be dropping this case."
Krittika Biswas had claimed that she was wrongly arrested for allegedly sending obscene emails to her teachers.

Krittika is the daughter of the Vice Counsel at the consulate general of India in Manhattan Debashish Biswas. She was arrested and kept in custody for over 24 hours despite having diplomatic immunity.

Krittika has sued New York City for handcuffing her and locking her up in prison for a crime she never committed.

She was suspended from school in February earlier this year, but later taken back after the school's principal nailed down the real perpetrator.

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