Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sir Syed Excellence in Science Award (SSESA) 2011-2012

Rehan Baqri announces Sir Syed Excellence in Science Award. congratulates the winners.

Assalam Aleikum!

On behalf of the advisory committee of the Sir Syed Excellence in Science Award (SSESA) and the Aligarh Alumni Association of New England (AAANE), I am pleased to inform you that the following candidates have been awarded the 5th Annual SSESA scholarship for 2011-2012.

(in alphabetical order)

1. Amaj Ahmad Laskar (Biotechnology)
2. Hanadi Falki (English)
3. Husain Bin Qasim (Electronics Engineering)
4. Iffat Ali (Chemical Engineering)
5. Medha Sharma (Electrical Engineering)
6. Mohammad Nizam (Physics)
7. Nida Rahmani (Biochemistry)
8. Raghib Ashraf (Biotechnology)
9. Ruchi Dana (Medicine)
10. Sabiha Khatoon (Zoology)
11. Sadaf Ahmad (Agriculture)
12. Sameer Husain (Chemistry)
13. Sarfaraz Alam Khan (Computer Engineering)
14. Syed Mohammad Faisal (Biotechnology)
15. Syed Shabih Hasan (Computer Engineering)

Due to unfortunate and unavoidable circumstances at AMU, we could not hold the test and interview as scheduled earlier. Using academic merit as the sole criterion, we have drawn up this list of candidates.The selection committee strongly believes that these candidates have a great potential and stand a very competitive chance of securing admission in prestigious graduate programs in US universities. We wish to thank the selection committee their commitment, support and hard work.  Special thanks to Prof. Saleemuddin, Dr. Suhail Sabir and Dr. Shahid Jameel for the preparation of test and interviews.

This year we were able to offer awards to almost double the number of deserving students compared to last year because of generous donations from AMU organizations and well wishers of SSESA.

With best regards,

Saif Sheikh

SSESA Executive Committee

Rehan M Baqri
PhD student, Miller Lab
Neuroscience Program
Michigan State University

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