Thursday, June 2, 2011

Indian schools students shine in grade 10 examinations


RIYADH/JEDDAH/DAMMAM: Most of the Indian international schools across Saudi Arabia recorded 100 percent passes in the CBSE grade 10 exams. The results were announced on Wednesday.
The International Indian School-Dammam (IISD) maintained 100 percent results for the 12th consecutive year. “Out of 836 students, 748 appeared for school-based exam while 88 students opted for the board exam. Our school secured 100 percent results with eight improvement cases,” said IISD Principal E.K. Mohammed Shaffe. “A total of 428 boys and 412 girls appeared for the exams from the school. Thirty-seven students got 9.6 grade points.
This is the second year of the grading system introduced by the New Delhi-based Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) and first year of the school-based Class X annual examinations. “The board based exam students and school based exam students have performed equally good,” he said. “The effort of the school officials to train the teachers and to catch up with the new system worked well,” Shaffe added.
The International Indian School in Jubail also did extremely well having secured 100 percent result. “All 194 students who took the exams in March have been declared passed by CBSE,” said its Principal Syed Hameed. “Outstanding performance was registered by 25 students who have secured CGPA 10 (Cumulative Grade Point Average) in all the five subjects,” he said and explained that “in common man’s language it is centum i.e. hundred out of hundred.” He attributed the school’s success to the hard work put in by the students and the teaching staff. “They deserve all the praise,” he said, and thanked the teachers for their support and guidance.
International Indian School-Riyadh (IISR) Principal M.J. Siddiqui said this year the grade 10 board exam was optional, but 293 students of the school took the exam and 431 other students appeared for the school-based exam.
 “Absolutely, there is no difference between school conducted and board examination conducted by CBSE,” he said. The total number of students securing all 10 (CGPA) are 45. Twenty-two other students secured 9.8 (CGPA). Thus, 67 students are eligible for the academic excellence award this year from the school.
Thirty-two students have to appear for improvement of performance in July. Last year, he added, the school had only one student scoring all 10. With the introduction of ‘Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation’ system in scholastic and co-scholastic area, the quality of the result has been improved with 45 students securing all 10.
The International Indian School-Jeddah (IISJ) also reported 100 percent passes. In all 709 sat the exam — 345 boys and 364 girls. All of them passed including 26 supplementary. Those scoring 10 points numbered 58 (37 girls and 21 boys).
The Al Wurood International School (AWIS), Jeddah, also had 100 percent passes. Of its 53 students (29 boys and 24 girls) who appeared at the exam, five got 10 (CGPA) — Abdullah Nasir Jamal (boy), and Fabisha Parveen C.H., Thamanna Haya, Sweety Mol and Ashana Kunnathody, all girls. Eleven of its students got 9+.  They are Ibrahim Mafaz, K.M. Nabin, Sanjay Rajendran, Juveriah Farooqi, Ramya Ravishankar, Shana Siddiqui, Mubarra Mansoor, Irfanuddin, Samir Abdul Hamid, Shezin Ashraff and Alex Jerry. Eighteen others got 8+, sixteen 7+ and three 6+, according to AWIS Principal K. Rahamathullah.
The  International Indian School-Buraidah also had 100 percent results for the 11th consecutive year. In all students took the board exam. Three of them scored all 10 points — Mast Khwaja Sameen, Mojibi Zainab  and Dujana Ashraf. Fourteen students scored above 9 points, according to IISB Principal Nasreen Syed.
The continuous comprehensive evaluation (CCE) system introduced by the CBSE last year has proved to be a boon for grade 10 students, according to all the schools in the Kingdom.
CCE’s benefits have been corroborated by the impressive Class X results declared by the CBSE in which students from the Kingdom notched up an unprecedented performance. Some sat the CBSE board exam, while some others chose the school grading system.
The school principals acknowledge the improvement shown by the students. “Performance across the board, in all categories of schools, has definitely been better in comparison to last year,” one of them said.

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