Saturday, April 23, 2011

ISI not behind Mumbai attack, says Rehman Malik

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Saturday, Apr 23, 2011

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ISI not behind Mumbai attack, says Rehman Malik

Anita Joshua

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan's Interior Minister Rehman Malik on Friday categorically stated that the Inter-Services Intelligence was not involved in the Mumbai terror attack and maintained that Islamabad had no issues with New Delhi helping Afghanistan in its development provided there was no presence of the Indian Army on that side of the Durand Line.

Mr. Malik made these remarks while interacting with an Indian media delegation that is visiting the country on the invitation of the Pakistan government.

Replying to a host of questions, the Minister side-stepped controversial issues such as the alleged Indian hand behind the unrest in Balochistan and how the visa situation between the two countries had been complicated by India's insistence on having every application scrutinised by the Union Home Ministry.

About the recent bonhomie between the two countries, Mr. Malik said that while the two sides were confident of being able to make some progress, “neither side wants to create a hype because there are issues that cannot be addressed overnight.”

As for the progress in the Mumbai terror case that is going on in Pakistan, he said there was enough evidence but the courts had to go through a process that could be time-consuming.

Courtesy:The Hindu

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