Saturday, March 26, 2011

Killing:Christian verses Christians-Muslims verses Muslims

If you are looking for accurate statistics on how many Muslims have been killed by Muslims versus, how many Christians have been killed Christians over last 100 years you will be disappointed, excluding the 100 year war of the Roses, and extending to Protestants/Catholic Christians killing Christians in Ireland i.e. IRA

There are questionable figures, where over 50 million predominantly Christian people died in world wars, Russian killed during the Russian revolution, and Stalin regime of over 20 million, 40 million Chinese died at the hands of Chinese during Chinese revolution, recently over a million predominantly Christians died in Rwanda, excluding Zimbabwe, and during apartheid South Africa and millions more Christians died/missing in Chile, Argentina etc.

It would be foolish to think the answers to human problems lies in the hands of few powerful nations with misplaced moral righteousness from time to time, There are a few in the west who feel they do not have to obey the laws even in a just state let alone an unjust society with anarchist tendency. Though it would be interesting to know how many Muslims have been killed by Muslims in last 100 years.


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