Saturday, March 5, 2011

How I Became A Successful (Part-Time) Import/Export Agent

Justin Power  

“Several years ago, when I was invited to sit on the board of Wade World Trade, an educational institution established in 1946 to help entrepreneurs become import/export agents, I thought I would try it out for myself. I have to say that although I am not a natural entrepreneur (I hate anything which smacks of 'selling') I have never regretted the decision”

“My first challenge was to find something to import or export. After much thought I decided I had to pick an area I was interested in anyway so I chose food. Since 'artisan' food producers are not very commercial it was a good decision. They find it easy to sell their products locally but tend to be hopeless at marketing overseas. I soon negotiated agency agreements with half a dozen companies for a range of related products - jams, chutneys, oaten biscuits, relishes, tea, hot chocolate and chocolate. All were manufactured (or at least packaged) in the UK and none had ever been exported”


After having read this article, designed schemes to guide unemployed graduates for a prospective export import enterprise as liaison agents where no much funds required conducting this line.Have good working knowledge,both spoken and written English.

Select the product that you wish to be liaison agent with the foreign customers. Register a company with internationally secular  sounding style. Obtain an import and export code,after registering your firm commercial tax office. Get in touch with an honest auditor. He/she will guide you with respect of these formalities, how to obtain a pan card and establishing an account with reputable bank in India. Initially you should allow a gestation period without despairing. Visit number of manufacturers of the product you have chosen. The more the often you visit manufacturer, the greater the knowledge gained with respect to quality, quantity and price factors of the product.If you are honest to both sellers and buyers,you can win your bread sure after a gestation period.

From the following link, select the product item, and explore possibilities from respective export promotion councils, on the product you will deal, get in touch with them regularly asking the prospective overseas buyers' websites eamail ids, and they will be happy to guide you. will be happy to guide you further. Clarify your doubts sending emails to All these services will be totally free and spread the message to your friends too.

Follow the link below and study well selecting a particular product for export.

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