Saturday, March 19, 2011

Dr. M. I. H. Farooqi

A retired Deputy Director, and Scientist In Charge, Plant Chemistry Division, National Botanical Research Institute, Lucknow, India, Mr.Farooqi has authored around two dozen books and 150 Research Papers (National and International Journals) on Plant Chemistry and Economic Botany.

 The much-admired books are, “Plants of the Quran” (7th Ed. 2008), “Medicinal Plants in the Traditions of Prophet” (3rd Ed. 2010), “Muslim Societies - Rise and Fall” (IsT Ed 2010), and “Dictionary of Indian Plant Gums, Resins, Dyes” (Ist Ed 2008).
More than 100 articles   are published in Newspapers, Magazine in India and Abroad, in languages such as English, Urdu and Hindi on Islamic History and also on  social problems facing the community.

”Plants of the Quran”, has been translated, and published (apart from English), in Persian, French, Urdu, Hindi, Bhasha (Indonesia), Malayalam, Kannada, and Arabic (Bulletin)

He is a member in Several Scientific Societies, Secretary in “Sir Syed Scientific Society”, “Urdu Scientific Society”. He has several awards, both National and International. He is also associated with, “UNESCO Project for QURANIC BOTANICAL GARDENS”

Lucknow Scientist Honoured by Sultan of Oman

Hindustan Times; THE TIMES OF INDIA

Lucknow –  14th March,   Ruler of Oman,  Sultan Qaboos bin Said has honoured Dr. M.I.H.Farooqi, retired Senior Scientist ( Deputy Director), NBRI, with an Award of 25 Thousand US Dollars (Rs 12 lakhs)  in appreciation of his  acclaimed books PLANTS OF THE QURAN and MEDICINAL PLANTS IN THE TRADITIONS OF PROPHET MOHAMMAD. Both the Books contain scientific descriptions (Botanical, Chemical & Medicinal) of plants mentioned in Quran and Sunnah.

Dr. Farooqi is the first Indian Scientist to receive this Honour from Oman King.
Dr. Farooqi is a well known Plant Chemist with more than 125 research papers to his credit, published in Indian and Foreign Journals on Plant Chemistry and Economic Botany. 

He is also the author of several books and more than hundred articles in English, Hindi and Urdu on science subjects of common interest like environment, modern technology, medicinal plants, economic plants, Islamic Science and Prophetic Medicine. Many of his articles can be found in various websites of Magazines, Newspapers, Scientific Journals and Islamic Organizations. His book 'Plants of the Quran has been acclaimed internationally by Muslim scholars and Ulema around the world.

 Recently King of Morocco, H.M. Mohammed IV in a personal message to Dr. Farooqi has observed, “ I deeply appreciate and want you to know how impressed I am by your work on Plants of Quran and Medicinal Plants in the Traditions of Prophet Mohammad.  Your keen interest both in Quran and Prophetic Traditions has enabled you to make invaluable contributions to Islamic writings. ”

'Plants of the Quran', has been translated and published in several languages including Hindi, Urdu, Persian, Kannada, Malayalam and Indonesian languages.

Based on Quranic and Prophetic Plants, UNESCO has approved Multimillion Dollars Project of Quranic Botanical Gardens in the Gulf countries. Works on the establishment of such gardens in Sharjah and Qatar have already started. 

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