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If your answer is no, develop steadily, with a conquering will.

Do I have working knowledge in spoken and written English?
Am I sociable and easy going with others?

Do I have hard and sustainable will power and perseverance?

Do I believe that failure is also as good as success?

Do I believe in,” Seeing believing”?

Do I believe in team work?  

Do I apply my mind seriously for minor details?

Do I have the intention to travel widely including abroad?
In liaison agency either you have to buy any commodity or to sell.
Your entire job is to link the manufacturers’ products to a prospective
buyers either domestic market or to the overseas market. You will earn
certain percentage of commission lucratively as a middle man.
Your job is look after the quality of the product/s to the buyers     satisfaction.
Necessacity of huge investment does not arise, what capital investment
is required will be known to you by your day to day activities.
The great investment is your capacity in gaining knowledge on the items
you have chosen; thoroughly understanding everything about the
products, the kind of people you are going to deal with.

The best way to gain full knowledge about a particular product, for
example items such as finished leather, textile products, engineering
items is to work in a well established manufacturing company at least
for a year or two.

Our future writings will deal with products, and its different types.

     The contacts of the manufacturers and its existing overseas markets.
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